The Cube Test

Stephanie over at Stephellaneous did this psychology game that’s going around called The Cube and shared her responses. I thought it was kind of fun and interesting, so I’m sharing my responses, too. Hooray for an easy post! 😉

I’ll copy and paste Stephanie’s explanation of what’s going on here:

You’re presented with a series of questions that are meant to make you create a mental picture. You have to keep each of your answers in mind as you go along, because you’ll need those answers in the end. They’re supposed to reveal things about your psyche, about the kind of person you are.

The Prompts

Imagine you are in a desert.

You come upon a cube.

How big is the cube?

What color is the cube?

How far is it away from you?

Somewhere nearby, imagine a ladder.

Where is the ladder located in relation to the cube?

What material is the ladder made of?

Picture a horse near the cube and the ladder.

What is the horse doing?

Is the horse wearing anything (such as reins or a saddle)?

Look around. Do you see any flowers?

If so, how many?

Where are the flowers in relation to the cube?

Now imagine there is a storm.

How do you feel about the storm?

How close is it to the cube, ladder, horse and flowers?

The Meaning (and my answers/reflections)

The size of the cube is a reflection of your ego. – I pictured a cube about the size of a Rubik’s cube. There are a few areas where my cube would be bigger, but my self-esteem is generally lacking, so that one is pretty accurate.

The color of the cube reflects how open you are. The lighter the color, the more open you are. – I pictured a white cube. That doesn’t work for me at all, as I tend not to be very open with people in real life. In fact, the therapist and I had a lengthy discussion about my lack of openness in my relationships this week. Fun.

The distance between the ladder and the cube shows how close you are with your friends. If the ladder is leaning against the cube, it shows that you and your friends trust and support each other. – I pictured a ladder a few feet to the right of the cube. Hmm. That one kinda ties back into my lack of openness, I suppose, since I don’t open up very easily, and even when I do, it’s usually the lite version of things.

The strength of the ladder’s material is meant to show the level of trust you have. – The ladder I pictured was an old wood ladder we had in our barn as kids. It was kinda rickety, but it never broke. So I guess my trust level would be medium on this question? I’d say that I’m not very trusting of people (not including friends, as lack of trust has nothing to do with my not being open), but my husband thinks I’m too trusting, which leads to people taking advantage of me, so I dunno on this one.

The horse is meant to show how controlling or inhibited you are. If your horse is tied up, has reins or a saddle, it means you are controlling in your relationships. And the wilder the horse, the more uninhibited you are as a person. – My horse was a plain brown horse without any restraints. It looked like Pokey and it wasn’t doing anything. So I suppose that means I’m not very controlling, but I’m not very uninhibited either? I guess that’s about right, unless the rum drinks are being poured. 😀


The flowers reflect the kids you want in your life. The more flowers, the more kids you want. – I didn’t picture any flowers, but I definitely want my kids!

The closer the flowers are to the cube, the heavier kids are on your mind. – Again, no flowers in my picture or anywhere near my cube, but considering my kids are a big source of my anxiety, they’re definitely on my mind.

The storm represents your fears and emotions. Far away and mild means you are calm in nature. Close and threatening means you are stressed and fearful, now and in life. – I pictured a violent storm directly overhead. This one was very accurate, because Anxiety Girl.

I did the quiz with Little Man. His cube was as big as a house, it was sand colored, the ladder was made out of wood and leaning on the cube. No flowers for him, and he pictured a storm directly overhead that he felt very scared about.

Did you do the quiz? If so, feel free to share how accurate it was for you (or share a link to your own post).


12 thoughts on “The Cube Test

  1. Brendan says:

    I pictured a big, black cube because I’ve seen the movie. It has to be big enough for people to fit inside. I’d say that I freely admit I’m a loser who doesn’t have much to brag about, so the ego part doesn’t really apply. Though I tend to have some strong opinions. I don’t know about the color one. I’m not really in any close relationships.

    My ladder was leaning against the cube. Because why else would a ladder be there? Though I think one of the best qualities I brought to past relationships was that I was supportive.

    The ladder was wooden. but it wasn’t old or broken-down or anything like that. (shrug)

    The horse was unencumbered, but just standing there peacefully. I’d say that I’m neither controlling or uninhibited.

    No flowers for me. No kids either.

    The storm was all up in it, because that’s how storms are. I wouldn’t say fearful. Hating life and worrying though.

    Little Man had the right idea – make the cube sand -colored so it will blend in with the desert and be harder to find.

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  2. Cool! Mine were quite similar to yours. I had a small silver cube a few yards away, a metal ladder a few yards to the right of the cube, a brown horse next to the ladder wearing and doing nothing, no flowers and a storm far away on the horizon. It was a very pretty storm 🙂

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  3. My cube was small- about foot size. It was either clear or blue- kinda kept changing. The cube was up on a small hill but I walked up to it. The ladder was up and to the right of the cube. Not far away maybe 20 paces or so. It was made of wood. Not brand new but not rotting. The horse was just standing there- full saddle and reins. There were no flowers till it was suggested and then there were three cartoon like flowers on the ground.
    Can’t wait to try this with my kiddos. Lol! Fun times! Thanks for sharing.


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