Things Kids Say Thursday: That’s Not How That Works

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how Little Man pulled a tampon out of my purse and asked if he could have some, thinking it was candy. This week, Baby Girl had her own feminine hygiene moment.

As usual, she followed me into the bathroom and busied herself going through all the drawers while I did my business and washed up. When we started walking out, she took off running, which I didn’t think much about until I got into the living room and saw her hurriedly opening something. As I walked up to take what she had swiped, she held the thing up next to her ear, and I saw that she had a pad.

Before I could take it, she began talking.

“PawPaw…I go PawPaw’s,” she said, talking into the pad like it was a phone. “Mmhmm…PawPaw…bye!” she said, wrapping up the pretend conversation, and then she threw the pad in the floor and went about her business. The one time I couldn’t have my phone ready to snap a picture, sigh.

Baby Girl has also attempted to brush her teeth with a comb this week (again), and has both worn her training potty insert as a hat and pretended to use it as a cup. Thankfully she doesn’t actually use it for its intended purpose yet.


12 thoughts on “Things Kids Say Thursday: That’s Not How That Works

  1. N. says:

    Hahaha! For her sake, I’m glad you didn’t have your phone on you at the time 😂 She would have been mortified later on in life by the idea that her mom put a picture of her using a pad as a phone on the Internet 😂

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