Darth Vader’s Lullabye

Last week was brutal sleep-wise. Thanks to a certain toddler that resides in the Anxious home, I don’t think I fell asleep before 4AM any night last week.


The poor girl is cutting two molars right now, which has made her crankier than normal and has definitely affected her sleep. And when her sleep is affected, Mama’s sleep is affected more so than it usually is. I spent many nights rocking her throughout the night, as my arms are about the only place she’ll sleep much when she’s either sick or teething.

Do not tell me to “Cherish these days now, because one day…”

To hell with that.

There’s a lot I will miss. I will definitely miss rocking Baby Girl, who has needed someone to rock her to sleep since she’s been born, but I don’t think I’ll miss rocking her at 3:00 in the morning for the third night in a row, nor will I miss not going to bed until 6:40AM. I’d probably say that I’ll miss being spit up on or plain old vomited on before I say I miss that.

(Who the hell am I kidding, I’ll probably miss it all.)

It doesn’t help that she’s so funny when I’m rocking her. She’ll pretend to snore (I took a video of her pretend snoring yesterday, see below), shush me, stick her hands out of the blanket bag thing she sleeps in to go “Shhhhh, we sweeping!” And, of course, she’s the only one making any noise.

On the last rough night, my phone died, so it was up to my singing abilities to help ease her off into dreamland. I’m not a singer. In fact, I’m so not a singer that I was given a pity spot in our middle school chorus. No solo though, they didn’t pity me quite that badly. Pretty sure this is the reaction I would have gotten as I cycled through every song that I know at least 50 percent of the words to, which is not that many.


Towards the end, I started singing Darth Vader’s “Imperial March,” as much as one can sing that song anyway. It sounds pretty interesting if you put a lullabye spin on “Bum-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-buhhh.”

Based on the last two nights — which she slept, and I actually slept for 8 hours, and it was amazing — it would appear that the hard part of her molars coming through is over. *Fingers crossed* Now if we could just get the child to, ya know, eat regular food like meat and vegetables, not punch her brother in the face, and transition from the last bottle (I swear, if anyone says she’s too old, we’re gonna have a come to Jesus meeting) and move away towards some of the rocking and get into a toddler bed. That’s my summer plans.

Speaking of summer plans, what are yours?


28 thoughts on “Darth Vader’s Lullabye

  1. Sleeps over rated really😉 you’re doing great and here’s to a restful sleep for the reminder of the week! Summer plans consist of a couple of home improvement projects and lots of sleeping- I hope.

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  2. Awesome post! I can definitely identify with you!! You gotta check out this girl’s post on it too: https://themumontherun.com/2016/05/17/4am-rant/comment-page-1/#comment-19. I’m going to send yours to her as well!
    I also had a rough time getting my first daughter off the nighttime bottle. We told her we had to I’ve them away to a new baby that was arriving in the family. It worked… Miraculously!! Best of luck!!

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    • Ooh I have another new poster to follow, thanks for sharing her post!

      It didn’t help that she didn’t eat solids until almost a year, as far as getting her off earlier, but I think it’s time to move away from it. Thanks!

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  3. Don’t be silly. No one misses rocking a fussy teething baby. One day you WILL look over at her and really enjoy her eating some ‘normal’ food with all those teeth. Sassy didn’t struggle to give up the bottle and Moo never had one, but we had to get rid of the pacifier, which was a stressful rock-a-baby time. At two she looked five, so comments from strangers were especially rude. sigh No, I don’t bloody miss it. 😉

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    • Lol the things some people tell you that you’ll miss really leaves you scratching your head. I can only imagine. At least Baby Girl doesn’t look much bigger than just turned one, although she doesn’t have her bottle around anyone else anyway.

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  4. You will not miss that. I promise you, you won’t miss diapers, fits, or any of the other unpleasant parts of childhood. I was fortunate enough to watch some little ones last week. They are 2 and 4 and were absolutely precious for the two hours I had them. When they left I realized how happy I am that my children are no longer that little. You will not miss this! I am glad she is sleeping now.

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  5. As much as I agree with the whole “cherish” thing, I also think it’s overused. I’m not going to cherish my toddler screaming at me. In fact, I’m going to discipline her because she knows better. Lol. You’ve got this momma! Hang in there! 🙂

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  6. ya for the cutting molars finally making the break through….brings back all those nights I sat up rocking mine…LOL you want to know the truth…I would give anything to have just one night doing that again….my youngest is 29…..so I do long for a babe in my arms….LOL call me crazy….my son did not want to give up the bottle…it was a hard fight…we just kept putting less and less in the bottle when it was empty it stayed that way, and a cup replaced it….its was like pulling teeth…no pun intended…well maybe intended…LOL your doing a great job….kat

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      • With my daughter, we had it down to one 4 ounce bottle, she was not giving it up, the nipple was, well lets say just nasty!!! We built a huge fire in the fire place and said it was time to say good bye and had her throw it in the fire, she needed the visual, watched it melt and we waved good by and that was that, she asked a couple times…but all I has to do was point at the fire place and she would say good by – good by and took her new sippy cup…. she was way easier than her brother…LOL

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        • Oh man!!! LM was super easy about his bottle. Sam told me today she was gonna need new nipples soon, but I told him we weren’t buying more, if they give out then we’ll have to speed things along!


    • Indeed you did 🙂 Sam and I were talking about it last night and decided to hold off. She drinks less from it lately anyway and as independent as she is, by the time she’s 3 she’ll probably move away from that and do what LM is doing.

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