S***, This Is Awful!

It’s no secret that Little Man is a very thoughtful, caring child. I’ve written about how he is sensitive to my moods, how he’ll write me sweet little notes, and how he even opens the car door (and regular doors) for me.

On Monday, I got to see just how protective he is.

While we were shopping at Aldi on Monday, it started raining. As we walked towards the exit, I saw the rain was coming down pretty hard, but didn’t think much about it. So we’d get a little wet and go to Food Lion kinda soggy — it wouldn’t kill me and LM would love it, as well as the puddles he’d splash in.

About halfway to the car, it was like the bottom dropped out of the sky. I’m talking about rain that had us completely drenched in a matter of seconds. The wind started blowing hard (hard enough that it a ton of trees and did this to our trampoline), and we had to practically fight our way to the car.

After I got LM in, chased down the cart that had started rolling off thanks to the wind, I loaded the groceries as quickly as I could. No joke, but the rain was coming down so hard then that between that and the wind, it was like someone was spraying me in the face with a hose attachment. And then I heard the car door shut and out popped Little Man, who looked freaked out.

“Let me help, Mom, you’ve gotta get out of this!”

“Get back in the car!” I shouted. He did, and then I returned the cart so it wouldn’t blow into anyone’s car (if not for the wind, that’s the one time I’d have totally abandoned a cart), and it started hailing.

“Mom, are you okay?” LM said over and over after I got back in the car. I assured him that I was and asked him to grab a towel from the back of the car that I put in there after Baby Girl threw up in it five times and effectively killed the New Car Smell. After I wiped down the electronics stuff that was wet from the rain blowing in, I handed it to him so he could dry his hair.

“No, you take it. You need to dry off more than I do,” he said. “Are you sure you’re okay? I was so worried about you! You should’ve let me help you!”

God, that kid.

“Mommy, can I say a bad word?” he asked as we sat there waiting for the storm to pass. “I think this is a situation where it should be okay.”

“Go ahead,” I said. I had certainly said my share of curse words by that point.

“Okay…shit, this is awful!” he exclaimed.

“Yes, it is.”

After things finally cleared up enough to drive (and even then, we had to stop a few times and turn around because of flooding and logs in the road), I told LM that I appreciated him being concerned about me and wanting to help.

“You’re my mom — it’s my job to protect you,” he said.

He’s got that reversed a bit, but I do love that protective streak in him. It’s good to see that in action with Baby Girl and I’ll love seeing how protective he is with his own kids one day.


25 thoughts on “S***, This Is Awful!

  1. Another precious tale! 🙂
    Sassy and I got hailed on recently. I had said, “Looks like rain. Should we buy the petunias today?” and then there was a crash of thunder, BOOM! then hail! Guess Mother Nature made herself clear about petunia planting weather.

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  2. A long time ago, when my son was in elementary school, he threw up in my car. I scrubbed and scrubbed, coated the interior with all kinds of scents, but it seemed like that smell never went away. Now, whenever someone mentions getting sick, that smell seeps out of my memory… (Rest in peace, Mr. Trampoline.)

    Happy Mother’s Day, you lucky woman. 🙂

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    • Oh blech! I’m amazed that it was only the new car smell that was killed and that it doesn’t smell pukey in general. I’ll have to watch my friend’s react when she gets in so I can see whether our noses are just desensitized to the odor.

      Thanks ❤

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