U is for Unkeyboardinated, #AtoZChallenge

Are you good at typing, whether it’s on a tiny little smartphone keyboard or a regular sized keyboard? Or are you prone to fucking up? If the later is true, you can call yourself —

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 1.18.26 PM

I found this little gem — where else — on Urban Dictionary. Here’s the meaning:

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 1.17.18 PM

While Little Man was getting ready for school this morning, he asked me how fast I type. I’m used to his random questions by now, so rather thanΒ ask why my typing speed is important to know at 7:30 in the morning, I just answered.

“I dunno, probably 120 words per minute.”

Little Man laughed. “No, it’s not! Come on Mommy, be for real.”

“I am for real. I used to type that fast. Probably still type close to that.”

He laughed again and walked off, undoubtedly think that I was full of shit. He doesn’t know how typing pretty fast was what I was known for in middle school. Some people are known for being athletic, others are known for getting to third base, but I was known for typing shit really fast. This came in useful pretty much never in middle school, except for whenΒ people wanted me to type something for them. And then it wasn’t a matter of “I’ll give you two sticks of gum and 50 cents for canteen if you type this for me,” so much as it was “type this or I’ll tell everyone you like Cute Guy.” Bastards.

I did check my typing speed again, of course, and as it turns out, LM was partially right — I am not typing 120 WPM anymore. But I’m not unkeyboardinated, either.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 1.26.52 PM

It’s your turn. Are you unkeyboardinated or pretty fucking keyboardinated? Take the one-minute typing test here.

Alternative meanings: None.

Textspeak I passed up: UN (utter nonsense), UOK (are you okay), UTM (you the man), and UOENO (you don’t even know).


41 thoughts on “U is for Unkeyboardinated, #AtoZChallenge

  1. Wow! No, girl, I’m at like 57. I never took typing though, so I should get extra credit! πŸ™‚ Haha! I do alright on my iPhone, but when I had an Android, I hated it! I had to use a stylus and I like, pretty much refused to text people. Nothing beats an actual raised keyboard though. And for that, Blackberry will always be close to my heart πŸ™‚

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      • Well, E, I know it will sound weird to 1983, but those of us from the 1973, if we were “smart” were advised to take more sciences and to avoid typing, since it was assumed we would not be anyone’s secretary. The idea was that we’d all grow up to be astronauts, doctors, POTUS. We were of THAT generation. None of us would dream of settling down with a family, and home ec was also poo-pooed. I’m not kidding. Please remember that the world wide web was not a thing until the 90s and I was in college by then.
        I had two computer classes in middle school, and we ran DOS with floppy discs. Ferreal.

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        • Crazy how much expectations change from one generation to the next. We were taught, of course, that the future was in computers and without that knowledge, you might as well not bother with a career outside of flipping burgers. I wonder what kids today are being told.

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        • Yes, I think you were fortunate that way. I dunno, computers are integrated in every part of Sassy and Moo’s education. Even art and music have digital versions. Moo was in 2nd grade when she created her first PowerPoint presentation. Do I know how to make a PowerPoint? No. I taught with overhead projectors, now they have Prometheus boards.
          :O I am very WOW.

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        • Sometimes I wonder if it’s overkill how much they’re on screens in school now. The goal is for every kid to have an iPad they take everywhere (except recess I assume) and use with every subject. It’s a tech world, but jeez.

          For real on those smart boards. I was tickled when I started teaching when I got both a white board and an overhead projector. 6 years later I’m in LM’s 5K open house going WTF?

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        • Right? (on both counts)

          Then they put the homework on the school’s software and they tell US to monitor screen time. “Oh schools, you’re so funny!” πŸ˜›

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  2. i’m embarrased that I only scored 42 wpm. I know I type much faster though without a testl..well, I think so. If we talk about typing on my phone, I’m probably in the teen.


  3. enjoying your hilarious posts! and relating! i’m also unkeyboardinated but with texting, so i guess i’m all thumbs? (sorry! ha ha) and i love the text abbreviations – i come up with my own sometimes and use them on my kids just to mess with them, they hate it! (teen boys, ha ha) i also like your acronyms and the password funny/meme. great stuff!
    here’s to the homestretch of a to z!

    The Really Real Housewives

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  4. Was going to do this until i realized I’m on my phone and I’m to lazy to get to my desk top.
    I would respond to your email but, again, I’m too fucking lazy to get to my desk top. As much as i WANT too. The BP depression says, “HAHA FUCK YOU NO” damn

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