P is for PW, #AtoZChallenge

Yes, I’m a day late again. Better late than never, though, amirite? Today’s (or yesterday’s) textspeak is one of my pet peeves.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 7.59.03 PM

Passwords are one of the banes of my existence. As are PIN numbers (yeah, that’s redundant, but I just can’t do PIN), but at least those are only 4 to 6 digits. I long for the good ol’ days, when a password only had to be 7 letters long and there were no requirements to capitalize anything or add numbers. Those passwords were easy to remember. Passwords now? Not so much.


I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten passwords to this WordPress account. I’ve cycled through all of my old school passwords (plus numbers), family members, and am now in new password territory. I’ve lost Twitter passwords, Gmail passwords, and passwords for pretty much every online store (which maybe isn’t the worst thing).

Before you ask, I do click the “Save Password” option when prompted on Chrome, but unfortunately, that doesn’t count for shit when I need to log on to something on my phone. After combing through the mixed up files in my brain, I either get locked out or give up and have to move on to creating something new. Many curse words are used when this happens, much to Sam’s amusement. (Sidenote: why does it seem like Sam is always endlessly amused with anything that frustrates me? Hmph.) Also, before you ask, I’m way too paranoid to write down a list of my passwords anymore. I did that once on an old Yahoo account, much to my husband’s horror when he watched me pull up the note containing all of the log-in info for everything from our bank account to my Facebook account (although, maybe he was less horrified about Facebook). And y’all know how secure Yahoo is. Yikes.

So, no, I am not a fan of the passwords. Except for when someone lets me access ESPN on their Dish account, anyway. (Finding someone you can mooch off of is rule number one of Cutting the Cable.)

Alternative meanings: p**** whipped (one of the few times you’ll see me censor a curse word).

Textspeak I passed up: PBIAB (payback is a bitch), PITA (pain in the ass), PM (personal or private message), POS (piece of shit), and PTL (praise the lord).


22 thoughts on “P is for PW, #AtoZChallenge

  1. I’m pitiful. I have a pool of about 4 passwords that I alternate with first letter capitalization, number at the end, or an exclamation point at the end. My husband in IT would love to fire me for that. He, however, has an “algorithm” he uses, which generates such complicated bloody passwords that even his colleagues with 20+ years of IT experience can’t reproduce them.

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  2. Oh this post really speaks to me. The amount of letter number combinations I have to remember is staggering. I wonder if the apocolypse will be brought on when we are all old as fuck and can’t remember our passwords and a huge part of the world is shut down.

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  3. I finally broke down and wrote mine down in a comp book. Mine are all long and complicated because I’m paranoid, or the world is dangerous or whatever. I seriously hate how much crap we’re expected to remember on any given day. Also, I reserve special hate for those accounts that alert you that you’ve had your password x amount of time and now it’s time to change. Good thing those accounts aren’t in charge of my marriage or my hair or my shoes, hm?

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    • Haha yes those do indeed suck. I recently found out that Little Man has a list of passwords in his own little notebook. One of them was my freaking PIN number, wtf?! Another was the password to my phone. Sneaky little bastard.


  4. I keep an excel file with all my passwords. I have it set to require a password to get the password list. I don’t know what the hell I’d do if I lost the password for my passwords. My husband is an IT consultant who is very strict about using difficult passwords, but he’s perfectly comfortable with me having my password list.

    What’s best is to use a theme. Such as fruits and vegetable, movies, athletes, etc. It helps a lot for me to remember. For example: 5pin@cH (spinach)

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  5. Giiirrll, I’m posting letter N today – so don’t give yourself a hard time about being one letter behind. I’m hoping to be caught up by this weekend. With that being said – for anyone who wants to ask you about the password save feature on chrome as if it’s a good thing, I give you authority to punch them in the throat. What happens…………..? Sure, it’s saved but not in your head! Damn technology and all it’s needs and wants – yet still claims to be so convenient. Bullshit, I say.

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    • Ha! It’s so easy to get behind.

      Absolute bullshit indeed. I do like that some apps are allowing you to do the fingerprint scans to bypass usernames and passwords. That makes shit so much easier, until I accidentally cut my thumb off anyway.

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  6. I started with kid names, then went to the dog names, used the turtles name as a password and now I have sunk as low as to use major rodent names for passwords. I have to save the passwords in a document sheet on the desk top or else I will forget all of them.

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  7. I hear you on the password thing. I recently got a new Kindle (old one died after only 3 years of 5-6 hours daily use … I don’t understand 🙂 ), and I had to look up 4 different log-in I.D.’s and passwords … wifi, Facebook, WordPress, 2 email accounts … I was ready to throw the new Kindle out the window by the time I was done. I learned some time ago to keep a “cheat sheet”, but even so, sometimes when I am forced to change a password, I forget to update the sheet. Sigh.

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