H is for HAGN

Since today was a long day and I’m pretty pooped, this is going to be a short one. You’ll still learn a few text acronyms, so all won’t be lost. 😉

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 11.13.05 PM

Today was a long, but fun, day. Little Man had a soccer game this morning, which was yet another loss, but they played hard. I think our team could have had a chance of winning had we played all seven players — the other team was short and only had six, so our coach decided to sit one of ours to be fair — but I appreciated that display of sportsmanship and hope the kids took notice.

After the game, we spent some time with Sam’s family, which was followed by lunch, errands, and a nap for Baby Girl. Later in the evening, we drove to Sports Connection, where the kids had a great time between the bounce house, laser tag, and arcade games. (Well, no laser tag for BG just yet, but she did enjoy the other stuff.) My son betrayed me during laser tag by insisting on being on the other team so that he’d win. His team did win, although I outscored him by quite a bit. And, yes, I did rub it in. 😀 This was the first time BG was able to do much of anything, and she loved it.

IMG_4066 IMG_4078

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for — the textspeak.

We HAGN (and day), and I hope you did, too.

Alternative meanings: None.

Textspeak I passed up: HBIC (head bitch in charge), H&K (hugs and kisses), HHIS (hanging head in shames), and h8er (hater).


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