Fun Friday: Cleaning Nekkid

I realize that I’ve done a funny search terms post within the last two or three weeks, but this gem popped up on Monday, and there was no way I was waiting a month or two to share it with the full list I do.


I wouldn’t consider myself very lucky if I caught my stepmom cleaning naked. Unless she was cleaning my house. I suppose there are some things you can get past for the sake of getting some of Baby Girl’s nastiness cleaned up.

So…since I’ve declared today Fun Friday, tell me something funny. Or else.


17 thoughts on “Fun Friday: Cleaning Nekkid

  1. Somehow, somewhere, someone told my 5 year old cherub of a daughter that it’s funny to try to rub your butt germs on people. She runs around the house wagging her butt at anyone within a 3′ radius. It’s like the worst variety of twerking I can imagine. I may have to send her to Time Out until this is out of her system. Wait. This probably isn’t funny.

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  2. At Moo’s art show last night, I sneezed so loudly that about 20 people blessed me and I had to yell Excuse Me and Thank You so they all could hear me being polite. O_O Then we left. lol

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