Things Kids Say Thursday: Fancy Talk And Meatloaf

At a family meeting on Sunday night — meaning the family gathered while I was trying to take a relaxing bath as usual — Little Man started talking about how he’d learned about the War of 1812 in school. While telling us about what he’d learned, he said learning how to do the “fancy talking” was his favorite thing. After hearing a sample, Sam had LM fancy talk for the camera.

(The shirt was unintentional.)

I formally challenge you all to insert “the horror!” into a conversation with someone this week.

* * *

After trying my meatloaf last night, Little Man had a request. “Can I say the cuss word that starts with a D?” he asked.

“No,” Sam replied.

“Just say whatever it is you wanted to say without cursing, okay?” I said, as I’m a “do as I say, not as I do” kind of mom.

“But it’s really important!” Little Man exclaimed. “All I want to do is tell Mommy, ‘This is the best D-A-M-N meatloaf I’ve ever had,’ okay?”

“I think you made your point, LM,” Sam said.

Indeed he did.

“Well, thanks,” I told LM. “I’m glad you like it that much.”


13 thoughts on “Things Kids Say Thursday: Fancy Talk And Meatloaf

  1. HA! I Love the fancy talk! I use “the horror” on occasion with the kids when they’re cranking about something ridiculous. And your meatloaf must have been better than my hamburger soup. Nanny makes this so Crash wanted me to make it. Upon tasting it he tells me, “This doesn’t taste like Nanny’s, but it’s still good”.

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