#WeekendCoffeeShare: Soccer, Spring Cleaning, and Origami


Good evening, coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers. This has been a pretty busy weekend, so I’m behind on the post I intended to write yesterday afternoon (although I now have more to write about), as well as blog reading, commenting, and then minor household crap like sweeping and folding the laundry. (We all know that the household crap can wait.) 

Since I’m sure you’re wondering what I’ve been so busy with, I’ll tell you: soccer, soccer, soccer. Okay, only a little of it was soccer. Little Man had a soccer game yesterday, and his team won 2-0. Little Man spent half of the game at midfield and half on offense. He loves playing midfielder, but isn’t a fan of playing on offense, although he (quite maturely) said, “I might not like it, but I’ll play where I’m needed.” He did well at both spots and is super excited about the next game. He has become intensely interested in it this season, which has been nice to see! (Can you tell this paragraph was mainly a way to get a parent brag in?)

After soccer yesterday, we got a start on our spring cleaning, which meant cleaning out the kids’ clothes drawers and stuff. We also went through all of Baby Girl’s clothes that were in storage and packed up everything that didn’t have sentimental value to give away.


BG’s preemie onesie vs. outfit for now.

The little preemie clothes were killing my ovaries. “Must have another baby!” they shouted at me and Sam, but Sam wasn’t hearing it and told them to piss off.


The cleaning out extended into today, when we focused mostly on Little Man’s room, which has looked especially rough since getting half a toy story between Christmas and his birthday last month (despite getting rid of stuff before the holidays). He has done okay with keeping stuff out of his floor, but that meant piling toys up on every surface. On top of that, there were all of his collections, some of which needed to go, such as the fruit seeds collection. Thankfully there was no “dead bugs collection” this time.


After we finished cleaning LM’s room, LM and I worked on his school project. This semester, Little Man had to select a topic that relates to Japan or India and do a report about the topic, as well as come up with a costume and include an interactive presentation. After some discussion, he decided on origami. That sounded easy enough, until we actually tried origami together.


Some of our attempts.

Little Man is just like me in some ways, which means his brain shuts down when there’s instructions overload.

folding-an-origami-crane_o_1191555I found a couple origami projects intended for preschoolers, and Little Man and I both were able to complete them. Whew! We’ve been working on putting together a PowerPoint presentation on origami, which has meant doing fun stuff like research. We finished it today, so the only thing left is practicing delivering the presentation.

That’s about it for my weekend. Do tell me about yours!

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Diana at Part-Time Monster.


19 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Soccer, Spring Cleaning, and Origami

  1. Our weekend was wrecked by one with a fever. Bang has a cold and is snotty. We have the week off… March Break (aka spring break even though it snowed today) That was mighty mature of LM. He deserves some serious parent bragging 🙂

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  2. Omaword. Origami! When the boy one was 8, we sat and tried to origami all afternoon. I have never been so flustered in my life. I think it’s worse than math!!! I curse whoever bought him that book!
    Weekend was lovely and sexy, but you don’t wanna read about that 😉 Friday was good, although I no longer remember why, because I’m very old now, E, and OH! We had Culver’s dinner AND custard, so that was awesome. Saturday we ran around and then had nice dinner and a movie at home. Today was lazy, I cooked big Sunday dinner and worked a bit on the garden. Otherwise, I’ve read blogs and book 😀
    I lol at Ovardrive, too cute! 😀 Sassy’s preemie clothes have no effect on my ovaries. I just hold them up and say, “You were sooooo tiny!” and she says, “Yeah, yeah, I know, and now I’m a giantesse.” 😛

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    • God yes. The sad thing is we ordered the easy beginner origami set. After 5 folds my brain was all “wtf!”

      Haha! Well, I’m glad you had a weekend that was both sexy and lazy. Those are the best kind 😀


  3. I envy your power of spring cleaning. I fear that ours will be a burn it all down, clear it out with a bulldozer, level it and build it all back up again cleaning.

    Baby clothes…I’m not going to say anything more for fear that my wife will wake up in her sleep and shout “We could add another!” She’s against it though…mostly 🙂

    Here’s to the power of origami! Fold! Fold! Fold! Animalazement! PAPER!

    Also, congratulations on not finding collections that require animal control. That’s always bonus!

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  4. My weekend definitely did not consist of ovary gif’s that’s for sure. What has been seen cannot be unseen. lolol

    Makayla and I actually went on a double date with some friends and we broke off in separate teams (guys v. girls) and came up with a list of scavenger hunt items to be found by picture or video. The ladies made dinner and then we broke off to go tramping around the city. We did everything but “try on the dresses and ask male shoppers for their opinion” and “ask to clean a public toilet and then clean it”. We thought we had the competition in the bag but they beat us by like 200. Clever date idea and a ton of fun!

    Glad to hear that LM is doing well in soccer! 🙂

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  5. Thanks for the coffee. I was considering number 3 for awhile but got sick and that ended that. Two is good for us anyway.
    I’ve just eaten some birthday cake for lunch and am starting to regret it. More coffee of more sleep? It’s a hard one. It’s been bucketing with rain here and I had to drive through about 30 cm of flood water to get my son to school. It was quite scary and I know you’re not supposed to drive through flood waters but he’d stayed home yesterday and didn’t want him to miss another day.
    I forgot to upload my post so here’s the link: https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/2016/03/13/weekend-coffee-share-march-12-2016/
    Hope you have a great week!
    xx Rowena

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