You Want To What?

Next to those time wasting random question posts, one of my favorite type of posts is to look through the keyword searches that led someone to my site and write about them. Most of the searches are frightfully boring, but sometimes they are either funny or downright weird.

 Human body parts for kids, huh? This one has come up before, but it never fails to throw me off. I’m all, “What the actual fuck?!” then remember that I wrote about Little Man having a body parts doll once. It’s not as creepy as it sounds — you can remove all the organs. It’s an educational tool. And that’s exactly what I hope this individual was looking for.

As for the “all I want to do is cry person,” I feel for you. Even though I find it odd that search term led here, as I’m not really someone who cries. But anyway, I hope that person found something helpful.

And what was the “man vs. beby girl” person looking for? I can only imagine a scenario with a new father trying to pull off the dad thing by himself the first time, and he feels like it’s now a fight for his own survival. Baby girls tend to bring out that feeling, particularly with their abilities to get shit from their belly buttons to mid-back.  WWII science experiment? I really don’t wanna know. And, again, this one’s a head scratcher since I haven’t written about this. Hmm.

For the next one with the arrow…you wanna what? You’re specifically looking for anxious mothers to get jiggy with? What is your malfunction, bro? I get why it led here — with the name of Anxious Mom and my tendency to drop the f-bomb — but lord, that one is weird.

As for the last one, head bumps and anxiety, I get this. I do blog about my freak outs, the head bumps that are tumors, the anxiety chest pain that I think is a heart attack. I did spare y’all the rare disease I thought I had a couple months ago, where I thought I was dying because I had blue and purple splotches on my neck. Turned out that some of my hair dye transferred to my neck when my hair was wet — no impending doom. But, yeah, this one I get for sure.

Stay tuned till next time, when I recycle this post subject in two or three months.


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