Pet Peeve: People Selling Stuff

For the love of god, please don’t try to sell me anything.

I don’t want the makeup, the purses, the jewelry, the weight loss pills, the health juice, essential oils, candles, food storage containers, or the prepaid lawyer stuff.

None of it.

shaking_head_breaking_bad (1)

“But I just know you would just love this, and I’m only __ sales away from getting a car/getting promoted/meeting my monthly minimum.”

No. If you really knew me, you’d know that I have little use for anything that isn’t books, chocolate, non-sexual tech gadgets, or gently used kid’s clothes.

If you knew me, you’d know that I wear very little makeup. That I buy one relatively inexpensive purse once per year and carry it until it looks rough as hell — I never switch bags depending on what I’m doing. You’d also know that I wear very little jewelry and that the jewelry I do wear is usually made out of leather. Sure, I need to lose weight, but I’m only taking pills if they’re prescribed by my doctor — not you. Nope, I’m not paying more for a bottle of cleansing health juice than I would pay for a bottle of Gray Goose.


If you really knew me, you’d know that between my allergies and asthma that I can’t handle your scented products. As for the food storage containers — uh uh. Do you know how rarely I get back a container when I send food to my husband’s parents or my dad and stepmom? Replacing that stuff throughout the year would probably be the equivalent of one of our mortgage payments. As far as the prepaid lawyer stuff goes, there’s only been one time in my life that I thought I needed someone on the fly. But if you’re a lawyer who is on retainer for the cost of one Big Mac meal per month, I’d probably rather take a chance on myself.

Hey, I understand that you’re just trying to make ends meet. But stop trying to sell me stuff that is useless to me, especially after I indicate that I’m not interested. If you want me to pass along your info to my friends, who probably are likely to use your products, then ask. (I’m happy to share your website or whatever, but I’m not handing over contact info for you to harass anyone.) Please don’t go on about how you know I could use your products or guilt trip me because we’re relatives (even though this is the only time you’ve spoken to me in five years…the last time was to ask for help on something). That only serves to annoy the piss out of me.


Before someone gets offended, this post is a rant about people pushing crap on someone who clearly isn’t interested. Know when to back off.


34 thoughts on “Pet Peeve: People Selling Stuff

  1. Val says:

    What’s really bad about these schemes, is that they push people to use their network and friends to make business and sales. It’s the age of the internet, if I want something, I go online and buy it. Everyone is penniless so nobody is going to have extra money left after their prime necessities and after the treats they have chosen to spend money on relieving the guilt that you – seller who used to be a friend or acquaintance – have created in me. Pushing sales on people, it will hopefully die soon.

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    • Word. I don’t know much about makeup, but with the markup for profit for both the friend, the company, and the higher ups that are likely getting a piece, I’m pretty sure I could find something just as good for less online.

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  2. aintnobodygottimeblog says:

    LOL! Preach on I so feel ya on this one!! Clutter is a pet peeve and they’re trying to sell clutter!! Haven’t they heard of marketing schemes?! 😮 They’re a sucker to it!! Lol
    Monavie is the one that kills me…smh

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    • Gawd Monavie. A friend from high school asked if he could “practice” his sales pitch on me for this. I made it very clear that I had no intentions of buying anything, but that he was welcome to use Sam and me as practice. After the whole spiel, he got pissed when I didn’t buy anything. “I spent three hours on this [including the drive], I can’t believe you aren’t buying anything.” Fuuuuuck you, dude.

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      • aintnobodygottimeblog says:

        LMAO hey good for sticking to your guns! 😂 Yeah those monavie people are for serious about that shit and some are so cray about it that they believe it cures cancer no joke!! I found it rather offensive. Especially my MIL who said if my dad would have taken monavie when she offered it he wouldn’t have got stage 4 cancer- I was so pissed at her I was rendered speechless

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        • aintnobodygottimeblog says:

          😳🙈😂😂 oh my! LOL
          Theres something I’ve noticed about (a lot) of baby boomers…they want “natural” everything and their definition of “natural” changes to suit the occasion or situation 🤔 Lol

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  3. I wish someone would come to my door and try to sell me used panties from women in prison like on Orange is the New Black. Why are my dreams never fullfilled? Why will no one try to sell me used prison panties? When will my suffering end?

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  4. Lmao OMG I hate these kind of people there all over Walmart always trying to sell my crap and trying to convince me to buy direct tv 😣 and if I say I have cable there like oh but we have a great package I’m like oh yeah so do I in my husbands pants lmaoooo

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  5. I am so with you there! The photo at the top reminded me of the movie “Second Hand Lions” where the two old men sat on the porch waiting for a traveling salesman to use as target practice. 🙂 ❤ that movie!

    Anywho, I once took a job as a peddler. OMG! I couldn’t sell a fur coat to a naked Alaskan, pretty sure. 2 weeks in I found myself in my bathroom bawling (we were broke and I needed work – it was 2010, need I say more??). I almost fell on my knees and worshiped my temp agent when she called with an office job! I abhor the ‘hard sell’, so doing it was less than satisfying.

    BTW, I do make these really cool birdfeeders… hehehe
    Peace, C

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