Meet A Blogger Q&A

A few folks that I follow share posts where they link to some of their favorite posts for the week. I like this a lot, as it gives me a chance to read bloggers I may never have come across otherwise. It’s also cool to see them doing the whole community thing and sharing the bloggy love.

I want to share some bloggy love, too. Only I’d suck at narrowing down the posts I’ve read to a handful, so that’s out (plus people might not like me ripping off their ideas).

So, starting each week*, I plan to do a short Q&A session with a different blogger. I’ll ask them some questions that may or may not be appropriate and will do a short blurb of their blog. I may even ask them for a non R-rated photo to include in the spotlight, if they’re game. There may even come a point where I ask for their birthday, SSN, and mother’s maiden name, but rest assured that it’s all in the name of fun.

Without further ado, please post your contact info in the comments if you’d like me to do your blog (heh heh) or have one you’d like to refer (just make sure anyone you refer is cool with it and include their contact info). If you don’t want to post in the comments, you can email me at or submit through the form (it appears that I wasn’t getting all submissions via the form, so just email me or leave a note in the comments…sorry!). Feel free to share this with others you think would be interested.

*This is the plan. Y’all know I suck when it comes to committing to things and following through on stuff, but I plan to make this a thing until I have no more blogs to profile. That may be 3 weeks for now; it may be 20 weeks from now.


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