Weekend Coffee Share: Baking, The Kids, And Puke


Hello coffee drinkers!

First and foremost, can I get an “Amen” on the appropriately-placed commas in my title above? Because without it, I could be talking about baking the kids, or baking the kids and puke. Blech.


Okay, this may not be entirely applicable, but it’s still funny.

Now it’s time to get on with the show. I’d like to advise you to proceed into this coffee share using caution. One of my offspring turned into that evil little Excorist girl and projectile vomited err’where. On second thought, maybe you should just spray Lysol in my eyes, run, and then spray yourself down.

* * *

As you may have gleaned from the title and picture below, I once again attempted to bake some bread this week. It didn’t pan out. I used one of those “so easy a child could do it” recipes where all you do is add a beer and let it sit for a while and stuff, and mine looked like this:


It was not good. Sam and Little Man swore they loved it, but the looks on their faces when I asked if they wanted me to wrap some up for lunch the next day betrayed them. At least they tried. Seriously though, you could’ve chipped a tooth on that crust. And the inside was doughy. No es bueno!

* * *

So, have y’all seen that video where some reporter interviews a woman that lived in an apartment complex that caught on fire? Like the Sweet Brown “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” interview, this was pretty funny as well. The Sweet Brown interview/song came out shortly after LM turned 4. It drove him batty to hear some of our relatives quote the song. He’d get all irritated and correct them, saying, “No one has time for this.”

He’s since become a little more laid back and will sing the song (his dad is always singing it or something else). After watching the “Fire” song, he decided to sing “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That.” It was pretty funny, so I had him do it again so I could record it (but of course!). I wish he would have done more of the song, but this totally cracks me up every time I watch it.

* * *

Baby Girl had her 18-month well child visit on Thursday. As predicted, certain ladies in the office fawned all over Sam for bringing his daughter to an appointment. She is healthy, and the only thing we need to work on is her head banging. When she gets mad, she leans over and hits her forehead on the floor as hard as she can. Occasionally she does this in a gentle manner just because she knows we don’t like it. Anyway, we will continue trying to stop that as well as her other hitting tendencies.

I got a chuckle out of her discharge sheet. That little thing is 30.5 inches (9th percentile for height), 33 pounds (50th percentile for weight), and her head circumference is 19.75 inches, which has her in the 100th percentile for that. That toddler bobble head is so cute, but it’s tough to find shirts that go over her head! I had to cut out a chunk of her sweatshirt so it’d go over.

* * *

Now for the last part. Baby Girl got sick all of a sudden yesterday. She took a longer nap than normal, and we were getting everything ready for the kids to go stay with Sam’s mom for the night so we could have a date night/put up the treadmill. (Don’t even get me started on that.) But then Baby Girl woke up feeling kinda warm and about 10 minutes later, she did this:


So long, Date Night.

She was running a fever of around 100. BG did the above number four more times throughout the evening. As fate would have it, I had just handed her off to Sam each time it happened. Sam had to change clothes so many time, and one time that mess was all in his beard!!! His reaction was priceless, too:


I felt slightly guilty since I started snickering at how he reacted. But I did clean everything up, at least.

BG was very tired throughout the rest of the evening and had a hard time keeping down and fluids. She seems mostly better this morning, thankfully!

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Diana at Part-Time Monster.


50 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Baking, The Kids, And Puke

  1. E. says:

    I’m a sympathy puker, I’d be useless in that situation! I hope she feels better soon! Bread is always a tricky thing to work with. I somehow never saw the “aint nobody got time for that” song, but I am familiar with the meme. 🙂

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    • I was taught not to use it in high school, but my college writing professor said otherwise. Plus, a news site I worked for also insisted on using it.

      Haha, Sam was reading over my shoulder and so cracked up at that GIF, too!

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  2. Oh the horror of the puking toddler! Ain’t nobody got time for that!
    One word: Rotavirus. shudders My Irish twins got that the summer of 04 and I will never, ever forget that so long as I live. The horror, the tragedy. The biohazard. Uck.
    Sorry you missed date night — hopefully you can reschedule 🙂

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  3. And, as I’ve said before, LM and Crash would get along just dandy. I’m glad you mentioned those commas in the title. That was the first thing I thought of when I read it. You’re baking kids and puke? I gotta read this one!

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  4. I think we should have a moment of silence for all the ingredients that went into making that sorry-looking hunk of what appears to be bread. (And for all my experiments on baking bread that ended up in the trash.) I know it’s easy to blame the baker for these kinds of catastrophes, but I think it’s often the fault of the oven. Just like pizza ovens make better pizza, so do bread ovens. Therefore, all you really need are the right tools, like a a bread oven. (I’m assuming such a thing exists.)

    A piece of advice for your next experiment — try making rolls instead of bread. So much easier. 🙂

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  5. Hi Anxious Mom,
    I read your coffee share and read your description of your 18 month old daughter and started to become concerned about all you had written. I hope that I am putting symptoms together which don’t add up but maybe they do and it would be better to get her checked out.
    You mentioned that her head circumference was larger than her other measurements and then described her as having a bubble head. You also mention that she bangs her head and that she has vomited, which might be a virus but might not be a virus.
    I was born with hydrocephalus or fluid in the brain, which wasn’t picked up til my mid twenties. I went through school and university and did honours in history, all with fluid on my brain. About 5 years after graduation, I sudden became symptomatic and I had surgery 6 months later and they gave me a shunt, which has made a radical improvement to my life.
    I understand this is a lot to throw at somebody I’ve never met just from a blogging post and I am not a doctor but I couldn’t read those symptoms and not say something to you on the off chance that something isn’t right and she needs treatment of some sort.
    We had a few times where doctors came close to picking it up. When I was a baby I used to vomit every time Mum went out and the doctor said if it happened again to take me back. Mum had a very difficult birth with me and that’s what caused my problems. My head isn’t hugely big but I used to have one particular jumper and it would take both my parents to get it over my head. I was somewhat clumsy at school but not alone in this either. The ripples were all pretty subtle until I was 25.
    Neurological issues can be very difficult to diagnose but a simple thing is being able to touch your nose with your index finger. I missed when my GP asked. Walking with a wide gait like you’re on a boat is another thing I used to do.
    I don’t like to worry anybody especially someone called anxious Mom but both of my kids have had issues. My daughter has a rare stomach condition and barely eats. We’ve been seeing the same paediatrician since she was born and he’s excellent but it always came down to her being on the same trajectory but then I asked what if the trajectory is wrong? She was very underweight ribs showing. She was eating less than 200 calories a day. Tests showed she had a slow stomach a condition called delayed gastric emptying. It’s difficult to treat but we’ve made progress and she’s now on the lighter side of normal and doesn’t look so much like a pixie. She is thinking more clearly too now that she’s not starving.
    I’m sorry to put this load on your shoulders but has it already crossed your mind?
    I’ll leave it with you and feel free to delete my comment and contact me via roweeee at hotmail.com
    This is the first time I have ever done anything like this but I do believe in the love and touch of a stranger and I just thought this is somehting that needed to be mentioned. I just couldn’t walk away.
    Love and my sincere best wishes,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, thanks so much for sharing that with me. Her head has always been really big. I went back through her past appointments online to check to make sure I wasn’t off, and they’re almost always in the upper 90th percentile range. Even before she was born, she was very small in the womb and her weight would be very low for her age, but her head would be really big. There were some spina bifida concerns due to my AFP test being crazy high, so they kept a close eye out for hydrocephalus at the ultrasounds we had every 2-3 weeks or so.

      I haven’t shared this on the blog yet, but we/her doc suspect she has mild Neurofibromatosis. Her dad was diagnosed with it as a kid, it’s hereditary, and it presents as having a big head, short stature, and a bunch of cafe au lait spots.

      Again, thanks for mentioning that. I suspect she had a bug since she had a fever and there’s something going around. Sometimes I still think something had to be causing that AFP test to be so high, so I’ll keep this at the front of my mind if other symptoms show up.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Thanks for this more detailed explanation. I don’t like to stick my nose in but was quite concerned. Pleased they’ve been keeping an eye on her as I had a brief look on your blog and I was thinking they’d missed it and that concerned me as well. I was 25 when mine was picked up and I come from a medical family. So, you can appreciate why I was concerned.
        I have always liked this coffee share and approaching you about this while a very difficult thing for me to do, made me appreciate how it’s just like a group of people sitting in a cafe having coffee together. Take care and love to your family. I feel a special bond xx Rowena

        Liked by 1 person

        • It’s been a very encouraging experience all round. When you can see someone online, it’s harder to know but I thought that if you check out my about page if you had any doubts, you’d see I was okay. I also emailed Diana who hosts the blog so she knew. I felt that was the right thing to do as well.
          By the way, all of this lead me to have another talk to my 11 year old son about my hydrocephalus. I have a noticeable bump behind my right ear when you touch my head which is the valve. Makes me feel a bit of a syborg in a way but it’s been about 20 years since I had surgery so it’s faded into the background most of the time. He’d forgotten all about it but my moment of sharing was competing with his TV show and it was just more of Mum talking I suspect. It’s actually good to see was so relaxed about it because I’ve had other health problems and get can get very stressed. Take care x Rowena

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  6. If you get a breadmaker, just make sure if it doesn’t work, you don’t throw the failed attempt out with the little stirring thingie still stuck in the bread. Maybe some people are just not meant to bake bread.

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  7. Oh my! So many memories of puking babies! Hubby and I decided that it was good we only have two children because when they were both hurling at the same time at least we weren’t out numbered. I hope BG is better soon. Poor thing. You, of course, know that someone else will get it next. I will be interested to read who in next week’s coffee share. 😊

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