Not A Weekend Coffee Share Post

Readers, it’s been five days since my last confession post. This will read like a Weekend Coffee Share post, except for a) it’s not the weekend (dammit) and b) there is no coffee. Otherwise, there’s all the nice life updates that I like to share.

So, in those five days I’ve accomplished a lot. I watched all six of the Star Wars movies in one day with Little Man and Sam, went to see The Force Awakens again the next day in IMAX 3D. (And, oh glory, this theater had a device to let you see subtitles on the screen! That was my first time ever using such a device, and there was so much that I didn’t hear before! I won’t be able to watch movies any other way in the future.) Not watching Star Wars the last two days feels weird, so maybe it’s time to try The Clone Wars on Netflix.

I’ve done quite a lot of cooking, cleaning, and child rearing, too. I attempted to fix our desktop that crashed several days after updating to Windows 10 (the one with all of the wedding pictures, baby pictures, stories, everything), but the hard drive was fucked so a friend of ours who has a business fixing computers is working to get everything off for us. I also went all “girl power” and tried to put a bench together. I got it 3/4 of the way done and broke a fingernail and had Sam finish it. He found this situation hilarious, but a fingernail that breaks off halfway up hurts like hell!

As you can see (if you view this post outside of the reader), I’ve been messing around with the theme again. It’s a work in progress. I know I change stuff up a lot, but I’m so weird about wanting things a certain way, and it’s hard to find a theme that does that for me. I’m also thinking about changing the URL of this blog, mainly because this one is too long to fit on Twitter and I decided I want the same name both places. Weirdness and all. Any ideas for a new URL? (That’s What She Said is already taken, sigh.) At least this would only be the second time making such a change. So, don’t be surprised if you see a different name pop up in your feed — it’s still me, that black and white floaty head with the aviator shades.

Oh and a piece of great news! Little Man got into the Gifted and Talented program in our county. We found out about this yesterday. He is super excited that he got in, and we are very proud of him. The GT program is held at the same school he attends, but he’ll be going to a class with a group of other GT kids his age from other schools in the county one day each week, and they do all sorts of cool stuff.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to the last few days. I hope y’all are having a nice week. 🙂


26 thoughts on “Not A Weekend Coffee Share Post

  1. I finally got to see Star Wars but only in 2D. The 3D showing is now at 1715 and I don’t get off work until five. It was a blessing as it turns out as my 79 year old mum came along and she kept shooting out of her seat at every loud noise and action bit so 3D would have been a disaster :-). I’ll see it in 3D at home when it comes out on Blu-ray.

    Great news about LM – well done to him 🙂 and sorry to hear about your fingernail :-(.

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  2. It’s fun to binge watch things every now and again. We keep meaning to do it with Star Wars but never find the time!

    Ahhhh. Good luck with the computer. I hope your friend is able to recover everything for you!

    I too like to change up my blog look every once in a while; keeps it fresh 🙂

    And yay Little Man!!!!! That’s wonderful! Congratulations.

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    • We were worried about him getting in with him struggling with testing. He was in 98th percentile on the one the psychologist gave him last year. They did multiple tests for this program though and the one on the computer he did 84th but when the did it verbally jumped up to 97th. Never fails to amaze me just how differently people learn or are able to present what they know!!

      Thanks, I’ve got a couple ideas.


  3. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    I am in awe if your Star Wars binge watching! Do you now catch yourself walking around the house and unknowingly make Darth Vader breathing sounds?! 😉

    Big congrats to Little Man!

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  4. It’s fucking cold up here. 6 fucking degrees. How do you enjoy life in this cold ass shit?! Well, if you are part yeti and abominable snow person thus us your weather. If you reptilian like me and need hot rocks to regulate your body temp we are in the wrong fucking place, my friend! Even with the thermostat set at 76°, wearing a hoodie to bed AND wrapped up in the best snuggle blankie,WE. ARE. FROZEN! Elsa, I will hunt you down and cut off your braid like Rapunzel’s precious golden locks.
    It’s too early, I’m frozen, my kids are hibernating under their blankie, and my shoulder hurts after the Dr barely put pressure on it yesterday… Can I get a redo on this week please?
    AAAAAND we’ve watch Big Hero Six every day-sometimes twice a day for two weeks. Now NSLM and i are reciting the movie to each other. Oy vey! Is there coffee yet?

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  5. Funny — we watched all of the Star Wars episodes before The Mister took the kids to see The Force Awakens, too. Was like 2.5 days of that. I was pretty Star Wars’ed out! They are still not Star Wars’ed out! lol
    It took me a really long time to choose my theme and the colors and the background and all that crap. I don’t see myself changing it.
    I’m not moving to Windows 10 until I get a new laptop. My son assures me the transfer of data is easier and safer than changing the current OS.
    I was lopsided in GT — I really only excelled in language arts, so I struggled through the math.

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    • Ha! Sam and I have been obsessing over it and going over every possible theory. It’s sad lol.

      We had no problems out of that desktop till that upgrade. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it crapped out right then!


  6. Holly says:

    Yay LM on the accomplishment!

    Aren’t the movie subtitle things great? We haven’t done it for Star Wars but I think we did for the last Harry Potter movie since accents throw off M when he’s trying to figure out what’s going on.

    I hear you on the theme thing. I check every thursday to see if there’s a new, free theme I hate less. So far, eh.

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