It’s Getting Hot In Here

Winter has now arrived in South Carolina. Or it’s visiting at least. I know this because I went outside today in a long sleeve shirt and felt like I needed a jacket. Laziness prevented me from going back inside for the jacket, but still, I needed it…and I got to turn on the heat in the car! After a winter break that shifted between balmy and monsoon-like, we had temperatures drop to almost freezing overnight and they didn’t get over 43°F today.*

giphy (21)

Do you know what all this means? Aside from even more colds and getting to wear super cute jackets? That trouble is brewing in the Anxious household. We don’t often fight about money or how we raise the kids (irresponsibility for the win!), but we do butt heads on the thermostat. My husband has already complained at least five times about how hot I’ve made it inside.

“You turned the thermostat up to 69?”

“You’ve got a space heater on?”

“The other space heater is on?”

“Oh my god, the space heater is set to 79!”

“Why do you want the [gas] logs on when you’ve got both space heaters on?!”

For the record, Baby Girl and I were taking a bath and it gets cold in that part of the house where our master bedroom/bath are thanks to shit duct work, so I tend to make things warmer than I normally would. This means three extra sources of heat instead of two. You can’t have a little baby (or a grown woman) getting out of bath water to freeze half to death before getting dried off and into her PJs. Yes, I totally played the Baby Girl Card, and I’m prepared to do so for weeks to come.


Sam’s preferred thermostat setting for the colder months is 64, and he continues his the madness into the summer by trying to burn us up by setting the air conditioner on 76 (although I’ve seen higher). I’m the opposite–I like things nice and cozy in the winter and frigid in the summer. I’m a power bill payer’s worst nightmare.

Here’s to another few weeks/months of arguing over the indoor temperature. And maybe even a few snow flurries!

*You people with all your snow and ice better not poo poo on my winter post.


47 thoughts on “It’s Getting Hot In Here

  1. lolabipola says:

    I’m also a terrible electricity hog! I like the aircon full blast in summer and the heater on in winter… And, I tumble dry everything, every season blush

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  2. Ok Sam is asinine for 64° in the winter and 76° and above in summer! In the south no less! I know how momma feels about stepping out of a hot shower into a cold fucking bathroom. I kicked the heat up to 76° and we keep it a steady 74° all year. We don’t have snow or ice but fuck I’m cold at 65°!!

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  3. I once heard women like it much warmer than men. I can say that has been true among people I have known. I get sick if the air is cool in my bedroom so I have it warmer when I sleep. I would totally have space heaters on when I bathed at that setting and totally defend it. Good for you.

    Good and healing thoughts to yous.


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  4. E. says:

    Ha, I lived in Georgia for two winters, I remember the thermostat wars all too well. My ex, for whatever reason, liked to keep the heat at a balmy 56 degrees Fahrenheit year round. As soon as he’d leave for work I’d crank it up to 64 during the winter!

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  5. Ummm I’m gonna shit shit! (poo poo) on your rant. In Lancaster, Pa it’s 10° (real feel -1°F), high today? 23°!!! UGH ~ I’m allllways cold, hot sweaty summers? YAY!! This friggin weather? BOOOO!!! So there! 🙂

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    • Noooo! And that’s funny, I live in a town of the same name!

      I am jealous of your summers. I keep telling Sam we need to move up a couple states. I’d rather have some snow than deal with constant 100+ real feel summer days!


  6. It’s been unusually cold here. We had few snow flakes the other day which is pretty rare around these here parts. But we are finally somewhat warming up back to our slightly cold but milder usual. I hope your cold issues do not last too long.

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  7. Um, I will one day write an ode to our space heater, which keeps our living room cozy and the back of the house stays cold. I can’t be hot, E. Cannot endure. Cannot sleep hot. I’d rather bundle up and sleep outside with the squirrels than sweat in my bed.
    I know there’s a scale for southern winter, so you won’t find me makin fun. Much.

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  8. HA! Come to Canada! It was -12C (10F) last night. And that was without the windchill. Snow is covering the ground. Crash and I went sledding this afternoon after school while Bang stayed inside with mum drinking hot chocolate. She loves to turn the heat up 71/72! Sam would kill her 🙂

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    • lol we cancel school when it gets that cold outside, even with no snow/ice! It got down to 4F last year for a couple days (very odd) and they shut it down. LM would be so jealous to hear of all of this sledding and hot chocolate. I bet y’alls power bill gets high!


  9. Just up the road from you, I concur that after 70-degree days this winter, even 50 felt arctic. Today’s low 20s felt downright antarctic. It’s science that men require less heat and more cooling than women do – and because men set the thermostat at the office usually, you will see women in blankets and with space heaters and those humongous scarves while they’re at work.

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  10. Hey I am right there with you…I turn the heater up, my husband comes behind me and turns it down, I go to the bathroom turn up the heater, he comes behind me and turns it down….see the pattern, I am sure its the same way in every house in the world where a man and woman live….LOL keep warm…tell hubby bah humbug

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