Weekend Coffee Share: Laziness, Gunshots, and Birthday Cake


First of all, let me wish you all a belated Happy New Year’s.

Happy New Year’s!

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I’m gonna ramble on for a while about my family and myself because, well, that’s what I do best.

This week was not one of my best. Between a funky mood and those sweet fumes I was running on vanishing, I was not very productive. Some might say that I was lazy and mopey as fuck. Tomorrow will be all about catching up on all of the shit I didn’t do over the past week — namely laundry. I’ve literally restarted the same load of kid’s clothes 5 times now. Oops. And I planned to take the Christmas tree down on Monday, but that didn’t happen, so not only has my Grinch heart been unsatisfied, I’ve probably also jinxed our 2016 or something.

Moving on. Despite the laziness/tiredness, I did go to a New Year’s Eve get-together. And, oh my god, that started out not so good! Upon arriving at the home where the NYE thing was, we got out of the car to hear a bunch of gunshots going off in very close proximity. After I got closer, I saw it was our friends shooting guns in the air. With cans of beer in their free hands. Strong words were said, wives were told, and then super strong words were said. And the guns were put away. It took a little while after that for things to get fun, but they did.

We didn’t do anything on New Year’s Day aside from watch TV and pop Rolaid after Rolaid (sorry, I can’t do the vinegar, although my husband said it worked like a charm). Once again I was reminded that I should not drink even a little bit. Or that if I do drink, then I should just drink it all and make the day after worth it.

Today was spent celebrating my hubby’s birthday. He’s 38 now, so I repeatedly reminded him that he’s really close to 40. I’m a lovely wife. I did make him lasagna for supper, got him a cool Columbia pullover, and bought cupcakes. Maybe when he’s 40 he’ll get lasagna and a homemade cake.

I am not looking forward to Little Man going back to school on Monday. I am probably one of the few [crazy] parents to say this. It’s nice having someone to toss dirty diapers in the pail 24/7, and I’ll also miss him a lot. We’ve had a lot of fun together of the winter break. ❤

That’s all my rambling for now. Do tell me how your week or New Year’s celebration was. 

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43 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Laziness, Gunshots, and Birthday Cake

  1. Mommy_Lopez says:

    Wow that’s crazy NYE day and happy birthday your hubby 🎉💕 almost 40 you guys look good for your age 🙂 I had a okay NYE went to my fiances aunts house which we didn’t spend the whole night there cause hubby had work the next day at 2am whomp it sucked I sat in the darkness while everyone cheered for the new year as I sobbed missing my family back in Ny but overall it was an okay day we all are getting over the flu which sucks but w.e we’ll be okay. I have loads of laundry to do and organizing my life and my photography stuff 😊

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  2. Hah! I went to put a load of linens in the washer tonight and discovered there were jeans in there. From … when?!? Like, Thursday? maybe Wednesday?!? Dang da dang dang!
    The gun thing happens here, not too close, but not far enough. No likey that. People have no sense of safety. When ya live in the city, the bullets still come down, mk?!?
    We had people over on NYE and I drank exactly the too much but just right amount.
    Yesterday, I drank mimosas and other than cooking,did nothing productive. Never even took my jammies off. It was awesome.
    I did untrim the tree tonight. Now, lemme say, traditionally, one should not take down the Christmas stuff until the end of Epiphany, which this year is the 6th. It is said to bring bad luck if you do it before then. However, when one has had a real tree for WELL OVER a month, and one begins to worry about the safety and no longer lights the tree, and one does not know when the city will pick it up, one makes sure to put it at the curb on the first trash day after the new year begins. I do think God, Jesus, and all the saints understand that house fires are some serious shit.

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    • Uh oh, I bet those didn’t smell too good!

      We live right next door to a redneck gun range. Not to be confused with a real gun range, but technically there is enough unoccupied land behind them to legally be allowed to shoot as they want, as we were informed by the sheriff’s department. And the NYE thing was in a subdivision in a rural area (though they were shooting in the air with house faces them) but still, don’t be so fucking stupid!

      Mimosas sound good! I’m glad you had a laid-back New Year’s Day. My PJs also weren’t removed either 😀

      LOL. I’m glad to know I have time before the Christmas Tree Curse sets in.

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  3. Matthew Malin says:

    I swear. You know how to have a party lololol. I guess I should’ve joined y’all. I literally sat on the couch…didnt even watch the ball drop. lol #lame

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    • I feel embarrassed that I didn’t know the 12 days of Christmas deal until I googled something related earlier! But I’ll take the extra time for sure 😀

      Glad you got some writing done, that’s always good!

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  4. Hey, Happy New Year. I am glad the holidays are over, I now have a year to recover until the next set come along. I dread my kids going back to school, because then it is editing papers, helping with projects, dashing out to get printer ink at all hours of the night. That kind of stuff.
    I did nothing on New Year’s Eve except watch Downton Abbey – which is now my newest obsession. My kids went out and my husband went to bed at 8:20, so it was just me and the puppies. Glad you are doing okay!!!!!

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  5. Happy new year! We were invited to friend’s house for a party (the kids too). We went figuring the 4 year old wouldn’t make it past 10. He lasted until midnight! He was a bear coming home he was so tired. But he did sleep until 10. Crash slept in until 8, so that was good.

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  6. Can definitely relate to the gun story, what with being from small-town Mississippi and all. Luckily, none of that for us this year. We’re in New Orleans, now, so gunshots usually mean someone is actually being shot at.

    We went to a Gatsby-themed burlesque this year. Lots of fun, but yes, I spent the whole of yesterday recovering. lol

    Happy birthday to your husband!

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  7. Happy New Year! Your comments about your hubby’s birthday reminded me of my sister and her husband except that he the younger by three years so he always gave her the worst time whenever she hit a milestone birthday before him. She got the last laugh though when she was able to retire three years before him!

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  8. My husband and son “help” with the laundry by doing their own loads, which I have to re-run with sad regularity when they are forgotten. And when I am doing a load of my own wash, I always find one of their lingering in the dryer. So then I have to turn the dryer on to warm up the wrinkled stone cold clothes then empty it and fold them all. I almost think it would be easier going back to the system where I was the sole laundry slave around here.

    The gunshot thing isn’t only southern, there’s plenty of it here in the Midwest, especially downtown where people live so close together they have no brains.

    And today — as I’m writing this comment — is Wednesday, Jan. 6th, and my tree is still up. Have I jinxed up our luck for the year? I hope not, I’m rather still enjoying the twinkly lights on these dark dark evenings of January, and anyway the tree is artificial and can go back to it’s dank home in the basement any time, so no harm no foul.

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