2015 Year In Review

Nope, this isn’t a list of what I set out to accomplish this year, but didn’t. Ain’t nobody got time for that. This is a post about the bloggy stats email as compiled by WordPress. Y’all got one of these, too. Or will. Might be in the Spam folder.

According to the WordPress report, my blog was viewed about 26,000 times in 2015. Okay. I tend to post the most on Thursdays. Okay. Maybe next year I’ll change up my game and do Tuesdays. The people/bots came from 85 different countries. Namely ‘Murica, followed by the U.K. Okay.


Now it gets slightly more interesting.

The most commented on post this year was Ask Me Anything, in which I was bored and gave the green light for y’all to ask me anything. Maybe I should have done a repeat of that instead of this stats post.

My top five viewed posts from the year are:

What have I learned here? That next year I’ll focus more on death, body parts, and sex. If you want great blog success mediocrity, you will too!

And finally, the frequent fliers of this blog:

WordPress suggests that I either follow y’all’s blogs or send a thank you note. I already follow, so…


True dat. And that applies to rest of y’all who haven’t received near stalker status from WordPress, too.

Now, for WordPress–next year in the Year In Review stuff, I’d like to see this report a bit more personalized and receive the following info: number of f-bombs dropped in posts or comments, how many times I referred to Baby Girl as a CeCe, and how many virtual fist bumps I offered. I know y’all can do it.


16 thoughts on “2015 Year In Review

  1. HA! That’s great. Too bad I didn’t discover you sooner. I coulda been on that list of stalkers. I got that email this morning. Guess I’ll have to share it will all y’all 🙂
    ps. you had 3 times the number of views as me!

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  2. Now the important thing over the next day and a half (i.e. still 2015) is not to do anything which will muck those stats up, making a mockery of the whole report! Like posting a story which unexpectedly goes viral or something.

    For the first year ever I got my annual report without having to ask WP for it. Yay 🙂

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