Little Man vs. Baby Girl

Remember how I said that Sam and I were referring to Baby Girl’s bitchiness with a code name? When those not rare times happen, we say she’s being a CeCe.

Apparently Little Man didn’t get the memo.

Baby Girl has been giving Little Man a hard time lately. She is very enthusiastic about sneaking up behind him to pull his hair, slapping him, and biting him. (Sometimes it’s in retaliation for something, sometimes it’s not.) And when he yells at her, she yells right back and does something else.

(We are correcting her, by the way. This little phase is new to us, as Little Man didn’t have an aggressive bone in his body at this age. Hopefully it passes soon.)

Earlier this afternoon, Little Man wanted to play house with Baby Girl in her new plastic house. She did not want to play with him and got in her coupe instead. This angered Little Man, so he held the door to her coupe closed for a few seconds, causing her to yell at him. He was told to cut it out and he did.

Baby Girl looked very pissed about the coupe incident, but didn’t do anything else at first. A few very quiet minutes later, she walked up behind Little Man, who was now sitting on his beanbag chair watching a TV show. She reached over and swiped at his face, much like this:

giphy (20)

After we corrected her, Little Man said, “Can you believe she did that? She’s being a bitch.”

A CeCe, Little Man. A CeCe!

So…parents or other caregivers of small children — how did you deal with the hitting thing? 


16 thoughts on “Little Man vs. Baby Girl

  1. Honestly, I handled it with dire seriousness when Bubba and Sissy were small, but with the lil ones, by the time they were 4 & 5 , I kinda relaxed and began saying things like, “Don’t hit your sister,” the way one might say, “Take an umbrella.” Also, “No my God,” “She means thank you,” “No say kill, no say die,” and “Girls, be nice.”
    They rarely hit each other anymore. I wonder if some of that negative attention crap might be right, but honestly, I was just tired of sounding like a loon.
    I’m an only, so I didn’t know, but I guess siblings fight all the time well into their old age. lol

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  2. I am still smiling….my oh m – my friend you have been blessed with one of each kind….LOL My daughter, who is the oldest, is like your son, in fact I am pretty sure she was born with a halo…LOL she was the best kid, no problem, never had to be threatened…but my son on the other hand…stubborn, spoiled by his father and uncles….and the need to be in charge, the star, the class clown…..he locked his sister out of the house one time when she was watching him, he was 5 she was 11….I came home to her crying on the front steps and my son peeking out the window making nasty faces at her….he never hit her, but he was a butt that was for sure….now 25 years later they are best friends….and laugh at all the shenanigans he did…her halo may have slipped off sometimes, but I rarely saw her being a pill….good luck with you little one…she is a pistle for sure…I love it….sorry…I think feisty little girls are adorable….sounds like your handling it well…you could initiate some playtime where you all do something together and your in control and run it…a good time to teach her how to play together and take turns and all that….good luck with that….I think your doing a fantastic idea and your son has a laid back attitude which is beneficial. But she needs to learn consequences to her actions….hard lesion to teach and even harder to learn….your talking to a brat from hell…I was terrible….my mother had no sympathy for me with my son…LOL …kat

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    • I am so LOLing at your son!!!

      Haha yes she is a pistol for sure. We get a kick out of it, but hope we can nip some of it in the bud before preschool. That way she doesn’t get kicked out 😉

      Luckily, a couple of twin cousins her age are moving back to our town very soon, so hopefully that’ll give her the opportunity to learn how to interact a little better!


  3. Total chach move, BG! Bang is going through some kind of phase where 7f he doesn’t get his way his way he screams. He and his brother have also taken to hitting each other. I just tell them “hands are not for hitting” (there’s a board book of the same title) and they go on their way. I like the put them in the octogon idea. Just let ’em duke it out 🙂

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