What The Elf?

You want to know the one good thing about Christmas finally almost being here? It’s almost time for the Elf on the Shelf to use his magic to transport himself back to my shoe closet the North Pole.

I’m pleased to announce that Rufus the Elf wasn’t lazy as fuck this year. He moved almost every night (or early morning), did a few funny things, wrote Little Man notes (I had to change my handwriting since he picked up on it with the first note), and even left the kids small gifts under the tree.

Here are a few final Elf on the Shelf pictures.


My favorite and most creative–candy cane fight with the Avengers.


Was going for the elf pooping thing I’ve seen, but his bodyย wouldn’t go right, so he shit on his legs. Classy.

I ate the last donut and blamed the elf. He’s good for something, at least!

An Elf-In-A-Box. Sam thought this was the creepiest of all.

I scrambled at the last second to find a spot for him…so he hung out with the fake flowers Sam gave me (he didn’t want me to kill anything else with my black thumb).

OF COURSE venom wants a lap dance!

Little Man is sad that the elf will be departing after Christmas, so he’ll probably be coming back to visit in February for LM’s birthday. Maybe I could do a stripper cake thing with Rufus? Maybe not.

Merry Christmas Eve!


18 thoughts on “What The Elf?

  1. We let the boys hug the elves good night on Christmas Eve. They know they lost magic when touched, but since Santa is coming, he can take the Elves back with him or restore their magic so they can fly back on their own. Love shit on himself, picture. Classy.

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