Making Christmas Great

I’ve gotten a few nice Christmas cards in the mail so far, but nothing will ever top the one I received today:

When my husband handed it to me, I was certain that one of our friends was playing a joke on us. Between the photo, the message inside, and the fact that the card had the appearance and feel of something you’d print off your computer back in the 90s and early 2000s–when having a color printer was something special–it seemed like something he’d do.

But no. When I laughed and told my husband that our friend B was probably playing a joke on us, he told me he’d seen other people post about getting the card on Facebook. People who aren’t friends with B. So it’s legit.

I’m shocked that there wasn’t an asterisk after “I love you all” with *unless you’re a woman, Muslim, Hispanic, black, etc. at the bottom.

And “Happy Holidays” doesn’t strike me as the mentality that will make America great again. Too PC! But that’s okay. I have proudly hung it on my fridge anyway.

Have you gotten any really special or funny Christmas cards?


24 thoughts on “Making Christmas Great

  1. I don’t want America to be great again… Don’t we have enough power? I’ll settle for mediocre. 🙂

    And I suspect this post is your way of telling us that you’re voting for Trump, which means I’ll have to drag my ass down to the voting booth to counteract your vote. Damn, I was gonna wash my hair that day… 🙂

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