Weekend Coffee Share: Christmas Tree, Pie, And A Play


Hello caffeine lovers. Today we’ll all have hot chocolate. It is now coldish in South Carolina and the Halloween sign in the front of our house has been removed. All of this clearly calls for hot chocolate.

We are officially into the Christmas/holiday season in the Anxious household. We have a tree, and it is up (for the time being–Baby Girl pulled it over once already). It is decorated with pretty ornaments and has lights. We broke away from our yearly tradition of buying a live tree and went artificial. Once you go live you don’t go back they say, but that doesn’t account for a shitty fall asthma-wise where err’thing is an irritant that doesn’t want me to breathe. So fake it was.

As mentioned in an earlier post, our Elf on the Shelf is out. He’s already received hate mail from certain posters on this blog, which is more hate mail than I’ve received, so I’m jealous of the little inanimate doll–though I prefer love mail over hate mail. Just not creepy love mail. In case you were wondering, though, I have been good about moving him. Unfortunately, LM couldn’t find him in the last place I stuck him and wrote this glorious letter: 

Dear Rufice,

I hope you come back soon. I miss you a lot. Oh, and also, tell Santa I have been being good. Without you, I can’t have my Christmas spirit. You see, I think ever sense you came, I had my Christmas spirit. Well, anyway, come back soon!

From your hoping kid,


(I’d like to note that we don’t do the whole “He’s watching you to report to Santa about the naughty or nice list,”–the Christmasy doll is just here to chillax and to occasionally play a prank on LM.)

Over our drinks, I’d offer you a slice of the chocolate pie my stepmom sent for my birthday. Considering how things are between us, I was skeptical. The chocolate pie scene from The Help played out in my head.tumblr_lzn90zYzvR1r9nxd8o1_250Naturally I made Sam try the pie first. No wrongdoing was suspected, so I had a slice and it tasted normal. Normal for that pie is sinfully good. So I’ll chalk it up to a very nice (if not strange) gesture. Perhaps an olive branch of sorts to get the goodwill of the season rolling?

(You’d probably decline the pie.)

After I ask you about your favorite desserts (just because it’d inevitably come up now), I’ll tell you that I’m pretty excited about Little Man’s Christmas Play this week. Keeping with the longstanding Anxious tradition of being a sheep or a dancing gift box, Little Man will be a green candy cane in the performance. He’s excited about it and it sounds like a lot of fun.

There are other things that happened over the week that I’d like to tell you about, but they need their own posts, so I’ll be a bitch and keep you waiting.

And that’s about all I’d tell you for this coffee share. So, please tell me a little about your week in the comments, or better yet, put a link to your own coffee share post so I’m sure not to miss it.

Thanks for reading and have a nice week!

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Diana at Part-Time Monster.


20 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Christmas Tree, Pie, And A Play

  1. I’d like to tell you about our weekend, but Crash and Bang are being total chaches and are refusing to help us clean without serious arguing, growling and foot stomping. They’ve made Woody and Elfis’s naughty list. So we’re about to have a big ol’ lesson in consideration. Chances are good you’ll get read all about in tomorrow’s Chore Update πŸ™‚

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  2. I’m relieved to know that you’re not usin the bleepin elf as a scapegoat to parenting. Elf is slightly cuter now. Slightly.
    My mother makes a chocolate dream pie that’ll make you moan. She sure wouldn’t give one to anyone she didn’t love.
    Green candy cane FTW — I hope you share a few pics!

    My week was crazy. I went out of the house for 8 days straight! Run around Joey, all week. Had two birthdays this week. Had dinner with friends on Thursday, lovely, fabulous LATE night. Had in-laws over on Friday. E, they invited themselves, and then arrived two hours late. Plus Bubba stayed LATE. Yesterday I stayed in my pajamas all day and introverted: reading, writing, viewing, pet petting. Was lovely. Truly. I need more of those days.

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    • No, if I thought that would work I’d have a Satan on the Shelf to really send the message home πŸ˜‰

      Oh lord it sounds like you’ll need a week to recuperate from being so socially drained. I’m glad you got yesterday. And I’m LOLing at your in-laws πŸ˜€


      • I’ve honestly thought about getting an elf because our sons are grown and we could all take turns making him do hilarious & inappropriate things, but older son has his own place now and doesn’t come by that much since he got a girlfriend and anyway it would probably freak out our dog Stinky to see the creepy little red hatted man appear in unexpected places, so I nixed that idea.

        I read your elf hate mail and loved it all.

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  3. Satan on the Shelf!! πŸ˜‚ You crack me up! The children at school tell me about their elves all the time. They seem to cause a lot of trouble. I’m kind of glad my kids grew up before the elves made their appearance. I’m not sure I could keep up with them! Good luck to your green candy cane kid!

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  4. I can’t do real trees. Pine kills me. So fake for me all the way. I’ve set up a small fiber optic one this year since we didn’t want to fuss with the bigger tree. Well, I had no participation in the set up this time. Wasn’t feeling it.

    Hope your tree survives those BG yanks. πŸ™‚

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