What’s A Pundit, Precious?

Last week when Sam and I went to our friends’ get-together, we played a game called Man Bites Dog. From the product description:

The hilarious headline game. Score the most points by creating the most outrageous headlines. The first player to score 500 points wins. For 2 or more players, ages 8 and up.

You get five cards (each card has a point value depending on how easy/tough it is to use), get a chance to swap out those cards, and make your headline. The headline has to make sense, and you can use anywhere from 2 to 5 of the cards to make the headline.

Sounds easy, right?

Not with people who have been drinking.

My brother offered up the following headline:

Man Pundit Police

The others chuckled while Sam and I exchanged glances–what the fuck was that supposed to mean?

“What the fuck does that mean?” I asked.

“You  know…Man PUNDIT Police. Like a man PUNDITS the police,” my brother said, trying to convince me that pundit was a verb.


“Do you know what pundit means?” I asked my brother.

He shrugged. “Well…it’s one of those words, you know. Kind of like pundjit.”

Sam and I cracked up.

“Well, what does it mean?” my friend asked. Sam explained, but after a brief discussion, the majority decided to let the headline stand since no one [else] really knew what pundit meant anyway. Sigh.

A short time later, pundit landed in my hand. I offered up “Pundit Weds 340-Pound Lover.”

“No!” my brother shouted. “You can’t play that!”


“It doesn’t make sense.”

“Yes it does…if you apply the actual meaning of the word.”

After another brief discussion, it was suggested to either let pundit be a wild card and insert whatever word one wanted in its place or remove it since it caused so much confusion.

“But we just told you what it means!” Sam exclaimed. “There’s no confusion!”

We were outnumbered. Pundit ended up being removed.

If you do decide to play this game, I would recommend not playing it with people who have been drinking a lot. All in all, it was pretty fun, although it was too clean for my taste. It’d have been a lot funner had it had some naughty stuff in there. They should do a version with the stuff like Cards Against Humanity has. 


19 thoughts on “What’s A Pundit, Precious?

  1. Imagine the disappoint showing up to a party expecting to play CAH and playing Apple to Apples instead 🙂 (Or this game). Scattergories is another game that can cause arguments, or at least when I’m playing.

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