Weekend Coffee Share: Shopping and Socializing

Hello coffee drinkers.

Today, after shoving a bunch of shit off the kitchen table, I’d grab a couple mugs (no, not red cups of doom) and offer you either a Krispy Kreme Morning Blend K-Cup or a Starbucks Hot Cocoa K-Cup. We fancy bitches in the Anxious household today! There’s also a bit of sweet potato pie left, plus some banana pudding my mother-in-law sent over, and some dark chocolate bark that I purchased and didn’t like.

After you entertain me with stories of all the drunken family fights you saw both at your Thanksgiving feast and at Walmart during the shopping madness, you’ll ask me if I’ve done any of my Christmas shopping.

“It’s mostly done,” I say while dusting off an invisible piece of lint from my shoulder. “I hit up Amazon and knocked off a bunch of family members, took care of Baby Girl and Little Man. Now all I have left is a couple of draws, the parents, our friends…”

You’d give me a look.

“Fuck. It’s not mostly done. Maybe half done. Buuuuut, I did find Sam the perfect gift last night.” I show you the following. 

“Oooh, you bought your husband Rivers Cuomo (from Weezer)?,” you’d ask me. “You’ve really outdone yourself in the thought department this year.”

I’d point out that I only bought a replica of his guitar strap, but overall agree that I’ve outdone myself this year.

Brag moment: I’m really good at thoughtful stuff for my husband. A few years ago I bought a signed Ryne Sandberg card for him. The next year I got him something signed by Jake Delhomme. Another year it was a rookie autographed Cal Ripken Jr. card. And this year, of course, I’m buying him the guitar strap that looks like the one his favorite musician ever uses. And I’m getting him a little toy Skeletor that he mentioned liking as a kid.

Thought, yo.

After moving on from the Christmas shopping stuff, I’d tell you that I’m really killing the social shit this week since on top of the blog meet and seeing the families for Thanksgiving, I’m going to a friend’s party today. It’s a party to drown our sorrows over how shitty the fucking Gamecocks football team was this year.

My birthday is coming up–on Tuesday, if you’d like to send cake–so that should be interesting because of Sam. Last year around 6:00 PM it dawned on him he hadn’t bought a gift, cake, or planned dinner, so he ran me a bubble bath and went to town and came back with Food Lion cake, sandwiches from Arby’s, and a gift. The master of birthdays he is not! But he’s good at the other things. 

Tell me about your weekend–anything interesting going on?

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Diana at Part-Time Monster.


22 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Shopping and Socializing

  1. Duh, I’m worrying about things that haven’t happened yet, lol!
    In other news, I am deeply enjoying my family ❀ Everyone is so relaxed! (because they’re not thinking about it!) haha!

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  2. Spent part of the day with a friend while she was running her shop and getting no business since it was cold and rainy. Came home and tried to write for my book but mom won’t shut up. Going to a tree lighting ceremony at 5, which mom’s choir is singing at, then heading back to the same friend’s house for her belated Thanksgiving dinner.

    Tomorrow a coworker and her daughter are planning to eat dinner at White Castle and I practically live there, so I told her to call when they were leaving home and I’d meet them there.

    No interesting Thanksgiving fight stories as it was just me and mom and I didn’t go Black Friday shopping. We did, however, fix the turkey as the first thing cooked in our new stove and it surprisingly wasn’t a disaster.

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  3. Thanks for offering me the bark you didn’t like… um, I think? I’ve had a great week – 3 days off so far and all the decorating is done (almost), Christmas shopping (almost) and blogging – completely done! YAY! Now begins a month of quilting to get ready for the first grand baby’s shower in January. πŸ˜€ Happy Holidays!!

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  4. I haven’t bought the first Christmas present, but that’s not necessarily abnormal for this time of year for me. I generally start planning and buying in December, and I buy from local shops or order things online a lot of time. I hate malls and such, especially at Christmas-time. lol

    No terribly interesting fights at our Thanksgiving, but husband and I got a good laugh out of him accidentally blurting out “fuck” in front of my very conservative family.

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  5. My neighbor doesn’t have a car, so when I saw her at Walgreens this afternoon, I gave her a ride home. Then, she gave me some delicious leftover turkey. (I don’t eat meat very often, but when I do, I’m always reminded of how much I love it.) I gave her a piece of nut roll, but she’s not really into sweets…

    Well, I guess there are other pleasures in life besides sugar, including people doing nice things for each other. πŸ™‚

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  6. My first thought was that you got him a nice orange vest πŸ™‚ We’re putting up our tree today. That will be the sign for our elves to come back. I’m considering doing a daily Elf post – keep everyone up to date on what those pesky little mischief makers are up to. Some love the elves, some hate them. We’ve just started Christmas shopping. I have ideas for Crash and Bang. No idea for DW. Guess I better get on that.

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  7. No tales of drunk relatives for thanksgiving or in Walmart as I’m Australian. I’m sure there will be plenty of drunk Australians though during the silly season. We’re in concert season here, which can take the silly season to all new heights. Both my children will be starting at new schools in the New Year so a huge door will be closing for us all as we leave the school we’ve called home for 8 years. That will be an emotional change for us as well as having to go through my huge photo archives and putting together photo books of their time there.
    Thanks for the coffee.
    xx Rowena

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      • Thanks for your concern. Much appreciated. As it stands, it looks like I’ll be having the most difficulty with the transition. I have been quite involved at the school.
        Both kids are keen to move on at this stage. It was funny because this morning our son told me that his primary school was too small and I told him that when I first toom him there for their preparation for school classes, he told me that big school was too big and he refused to go through the gate. I chuckled at this and can see he is ready for high school. He’s really looking forward to it.

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