A Thanksgiving Feast

After a very rough night with Baby Girl, today went better. Outside of not eating and being a little fussy, her ears don’t seem to be bothering her too much. I got my baking done and then we stopped by my dad’s to drop off a pie and say “Happy Thanksgiving” (yes, we are talking again, a little), and then went to the in-laws for dinner.

Here’s how picky eaters do Thanksgiving feasts:

This would not impress Instagram.

The best fried turkey ever cooked by my awesome father-in-law and a slice of sweet potato pie that I made, from my grandmother’s recipe. Sweet potatoes count as a vegetable, right?

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving (those of you who celebrate it). What was your favorite thing served today?


21 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Feast

  1. Good hear good tidings. Chaches weren’t chaches 🙂 We’re cooking our turkey today because DW doesn’t have to work tomorrow and we can started prepping for the Jolly Old Elf (and our two Elves on the Shelves). I can’t wait for the stuffing! Hope BG starts feeling good enough to eat again. Bang was hit and miss while he was running a fever… sometimes he’d eat, sometimes he wouldn’t. Strangely, the time he ate the most was when his fever was the highest.

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  2. I’m glad the people were pleasant. I’ve actually had that happen. I went to a family reunion (The Mister’s, not mine) and people who were usually rude and mean were suddenly polite and nice to me and I found myself overcome with shock and confusion. But it was great 🙂

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