Who’s Got A Potty Mouth?

Well, do you? Are you that person that others seem to cringe around when you open your mouth and a “fuck” inevitably comes out? Are you someone who’s been told “only people who aren’t smart enough to know other words curse” (or some shit like that) before?

Then this is the post for you. This is all about that cursing, about that cursing, and that yeast.*

While pissing around on Facebook earlier, I came across this purely scientific article on HuffPost that talks about which curse words are popular in different areas of the U.S. Before reading past the first few sentences, I thought that I wouldn’t see much representation here for South Carolina, with it being in the Bible Belt and having all these people that condemn you to hell for even watching a movie with curse words, let alone saying them yourself.

I thought wrong.

The first curse word HuffPost has listed is darn. Ignoring whether that’s really a legit curse word, it doesn’t seem to be terribly popular in South Carolina, but folks in the Midwest are rather fond of it.

Eh. “Get out of the darn way, you idiot driver,” doesn’t do it for me.

And then there’s damn. South Carolina is pretty much blanketed in orange.


I know what you’re thinking–maybe damn being popular in SC and most of the rest of the South is a fluke. Surely it’s bound to come up with all that damning people to hell, right?

But then there’s bitch, shit, and fuck. Apparently we love to use those words. “Damn you to hell, you shitty fucking bitch!”

giphy (18)

In addition to darn, also not as popular in my area are asshole, gosh, cunt, and motherfucker. Two of those four are especially popular with me when I’m driving, although I try to mouth them or just think them so strongly that maybe the other driver will get it when the kiddos are with me.

Does your brand of potty mouth match up with the maps in the article?

*Bonus: The cesspool that is Facebook also produced this nifty little article about a woman who made sourdough bread using yeast from her vajayjay. Just in time for Thanksgiving! I have to admit that the idea made me laugh hysterically while Sam was retching. Maybe this one should be filed under “how to make my WordPress blog get more views”?


41 thoughts on “Who’s Got A Potty Mouth?

  1. I AM! I AM a potty mouth!
    Indy’s like, soft salmon on the maps, and that prolly explains why I am such an absolute freak here, compared to say, military bases. My MIL actually says “Shoot!” and “Phooey!” as swear words. Darn and Heck are too close to the real words, as are frickin and freakin.
    I’ve got nothin against a Goodness Gracious here and there, but when we’re talkin about sourdough starters with vaginal yeast Oh My Heck will not do. That’s some nasty ass shit.

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  2. I seem to live in asshole and cunt territory… which is fine and dandy, but I use pretty much every nasty word. These remind me of the soda/pop/coke map I once found that shows I live in the only area of the Midwest that calls a soda a soda and not a damn pop!

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  3. Omg I saw the yeast article too and was pretty disgusted which is very unfeminism of me. Whatever. I have the worst mouth and it’s got to stop. My toddler has begun copying everything I say, and I fear “fuck” is next.

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  4. I didn’t develop my potty mouth until later in life (after spewing the Evangelical Kool-Ade). By that time, my son was a young teen. He took to banishing me to the corner every time I let a word rip. It became our little joke. Now I cuss in front of him just to hear his deep voice mumble , “Go to the corner, Mom.” 🙂

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