Weekend Coffee Share: Colds, Star Wars, and Thanksgiving

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you to stay at home.

Not because I’m being the ornery bitch who doesn’t like to have people over, but because Sam and I have been fighting off colds this week. Mine has been going on for the past week and seems to have peaked yesterday, but Sam is better today thankfully. Little Man also developed a cold that required him to stay home from school on Thursday, but he recovered suspiciously quickly and returned the next day. Baby Girl is safe…so far. (Knocking on some major wood.)

After I complain about this fall being one allergy-sinus-cold thing after another and finish up my pity party, I’d tell you that I’ve been sitting on my ass all day watching the Gamecocks football game (boy did I pick a bad time to regain interest) and testing out the Star Wars Battlefront game Sam picked up from Redbox. I think I like the multiplayer part better than the normal play. I may trade in my Tony Hawk 5, since I wasn’t into it like I thought I’d be, and get Battlefront.

I’d also tell you that Little Man received his grade on his service learning project. He had to do a PowerPoint presentation in front of the class and was graded on how well he spoke, eye contact, typical stuff like that–he made a 100. He was super proud of himself and so areΒ we. πŸ™‚

Baby Girl has been her usual feisty little self. She has been amusing us endlessly with her vocabulary. Now everything from a butterfly to an airplane is a “doggy” and most foods (unless they’re ball shaped) are “bites.” She saw a picture of chocolate the other day and said, “Mmm, bites!”

Before you leave, I’d tell you that I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving. We are going to my mother-in-law’s and I am making a crockpot macaroni and sweet potato pie (both my grandmother’s recipes). I can’t wait to get a sliceΒ of the pie! My grandmother always loved to tell the story of when I was about 4 and how she held me down to make me try a bite of it since, being picky, I refused to go near it. While I wouldn’t suggest holding a kid down and forcing her mouth open to try food, I did indeed like it. The little bit of nutmeg in it really makes it stand out from the other sweet potato pies I’ve tried.

That’s all I have for now–how did your week go? Do you have a particular dish you either look forward to making or eating for Thanksgiving?Β 

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Diana at Part-Time Monster.


39 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Colds, Star Wars, and Thanksgiving

  1. That’s awesome about LM, great job to him! I hope you all feel better soon.. I hate this time of year, sinus-allergy-cold crap. I feel like I spend half the year not able to breathe because of it. Ugh.

    I hope you enjoy thanksgiving. πŸ¦ƒπŸ˜Š

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    • Thank you! I hate the summer sometimes I’m not sure if the humidity wouldn’t be preferable to this. Then of course, too much humidity and you can’t breathe anyway. Blah.

      Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to you all as well ❀

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  2. lolabipola says:

    Being South African, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. BUT, we have an awesome American friend so we have had Thanksgiving with her for the past few years… I’ll be making pumpkin pie this year, even though they are out of the country at the moment. Hmmmm. I love pumpkin pie!!!!

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  3. We don’t like turkey in my world, so we’re having chicken tacos and refried beans! Ole! It’s one of our favorite dinners. I make the tacos actually in Tostitos scoops. Itty bitty tacos, with lettuce, tomatoes, onions. It’s delish. Hope you have a great holiday!

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    • I do, I will share it in a new post.

      Cool! I make oatmeal cookies (also a grandma recipe) that have some cinnamon in them that make them sorta taste like snickerdoodless. They’re Sam’s favorites, so maybe he’ll get some when he does some outdoor work πŸ˜‰


  4. Hope your crowd is back to healthy soon! I think I might need to rest my brain a bit. I had to go back and reread three times because I thought you were making a macaroni sweet potato pie in the crockpot and I just couldn’t figure out how that would be appealing to anyone!!! 😝
    Separately, however they sound quite yummy!

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  5. Mmm, bites! Atta girl! Heh! Like BG I am looking forward to Mmm bites as well. I do so enjoy the day after Turkey Day, with the dry turkey sammiches. Oh so tasty Mmm, bites! I also enjoy green bean casserole and corn casserole and no one else really does, so I get to eat on those all week πŸ˜€

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  6. Happy Thanksgiving. That Sweet Potato Pie sounds great. I’m Australian and we obviously don’t celebrate thanksgiving here. However, it was my husband’s birthday on Friday and so we’ve been appreciating him. He doesn’t always get a lot of attention and was away for work last week so I really tried to make his day special. However, we had a hellish heatwaves so we put off making the cake until Sunday. Take care xx Rowena

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