Little Man’s Food Drive

As mentioned in another post, Little Man had to come up with something for his service learning project at school. After we shot down his Weapons Drive, he decided to hold a Food Drive, which he held today. He made up signs for it, called people we know to ask them to come, plus I posted it on Facebook. His goal for the food drive was to collect 100 cans/items.

He collected 453 items. It was enough to fill up the back of my Prius an hour into the food drive and Sam had to go home to get our other car so we’d have space for more.

The collected items included 100 cans of meat, 50 cans of soup, almost 200 cans of veggies, and a bunch of rice and beans. We brought it all in after the drive was over and organized everything by type to make it easier on the volunteers at the food bank when LM and his dad drop it off on Monday.

I must say, I’m really proud of LM for his efforts with this. He’s often concerned about people having enough food (among other things) and was so excited with how much was donated. Regardless of whether he is assigned a service learning project at school in the future, I want this to become a yearly thing for our family. 


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