A Rare Baking Post: Apple Danish

I don’t do a lot of cooking related posts (well, any) because I’m not very good at it. I might occasionally gripe about my shitty abilities in a post here and there and I might mention baking once in a while, but generally I stay away from such posts.

Not today.

I decided to make an Apple Danish today. After Little Man quite seriously commented that zombies would love to eat the Danes, since they would taste good because of their danish, I had a taste for an apple danish and found a recipe.

Despite the Hamburger Helper fiasco of last week, I decided to go for it. Here’s how that went…

The dough turned out very sticky. I used to make homemade pretzels, so I knew the consistency was off. Other than melting the butter instead of using room temperature butter, I followed the instructions exactly. It was probably that small change that made it turn out weird. I added a bunch of flour so I could knead it, then let it rise and all that business.

This is before baking it. The strips aren’t exactly right, oops! I ended up having to cook the danish for almost twice as long as the recipe called for, so I think I either didn’t roll the dough thin enough or maybe it wasn’t long enough.

During the baking, there was a casualty. I accidentally threw the oven mitt on top of the burner I had just turned off from making the glaze. I smelled something off and thought, “Dammit, I’ve ruined the fucking danish,” but it was the oven mitt cooking. Luckily I got it off before it caught on fire.  Finally, after all of the checking to see if the danish was done, resetting the time for a couple more minutes, telling Little Man that no, it wasn’t quite ready, the thing was done. This is how it looked out of the oven: 
And here’s the piece I ate: 
The verdict?

It turned out pretty darn good.

Not good enough for Sam to tell me that it was awful and that I shouldn’t taste it (as he does on the rare occasion that I make something fantastic), nor was it good enough for Little Man to pretend to faint (as he does for things he deems awesome), but we all enjoyed it!

The crust turned out to be a little tough, but that was the only thing. I’ll definitely try it again and be sure to not melt the butter and get the dough thinner. Also, the glaze was amazeballs.

What tasty thing have you made lately?


15 thoughts on “A Rare Baking Post: Apple Danish

  1. lolabipola says:

    That looks yummy! I sometimes make cinnamon buns – OMG! They are too amazeballs for words – and from start to finish – one hour. Seriously. Its fabulous. Google one hour cinnamon buns – YUMMY!

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  2. Yummy! The tastiest thing I made recently was a mini-cheesecake desert I came up with. That was a while ago though, because recently, I haven’t been making much more than veggie burgers.


  3. Lovely yummy stuffs! Ya did good!
    I went through an earnest turnover/popover/lattice pie stage a few years ago, and I do not think it was good for my waistline, but I did finally perfect the crust. I’d love to go to pastry school. sigh
    And those of us who love to cook and bake, and do so on the daily STILL have oven mitt incidents. I did the exact same thing you did, but with a silicone mitt, and the freakin thing caught fire on my glasstop stove, even. I am VERY, VERY special. 😉

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    • Thanks! It was great after sitting in the container overnight, got nice and moist.

      Oh lord I can only imagine that the smell from that was worse than the cloth mitt. Bet that didn’t clean up too easily!


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