23 Questions With Little Man

I did the interview thing that was going around with Sam back in July, and now I’m going to do the one that’s going around for kids with Little Man. If you haven’t done this with your kids yet, then join me in finding out what your kiddo has picked up about you.

Check out his answers below. I was amused at how formal a few of them sounded.

1. What is something mom always says to you?

I love you.

2. What makes mom happy?

Giving her something nice like a mug.

3. What makes mom sad?

Saying that I don’t love her. (For the record, I haven’t heard him say this.)

4. How does your mom make you laugh?

By being sarcastic.

5. What was your mom like as a child?

She liked Ninja Turtles.

6. How old is your mom?

31 (Correct.)

7. How tall is your mom?

Uh…200 inches tall. (More like 67 inches.)

8. What is her favorite thing to do?

Spend time with her son.

9. What does your mom do when youโ€™re not around?

Relax with her husband.

10. If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for?


11. What is your mom really good at?

Typing on the computer.

12. What is your mom not very good at?

Playing Pokemon.

13. What does your mom do for a job?

Write articles. (Used to, but not lately.)

14. What is your mom’s favorite food?

I don’t know.

15. What makes you proud of your mom?

Of how good she cuddles.

16. If your momย were a character, who would she be?

Pete the Cat because he has a bad attitude and cheats at games. (Damn. And no, he’s not talking about the cute Pete the Cat from the children’s books, but the Asshole Pete the Cat below.)


17. What do you and your mom do together?

We do a lot of things, like go to Sports Connection.

18. How are you and your mom the same?

We are both nerds.

19. How are you and your mom different?

She’s a girl and I’m a boy.

20. How do you know your mom loves you?

She says it all the time and treats me like it.

21. What does your mom like most about your dad?

I don’t know.

22. Where is your mom’s favorite place to go?

Walmart. (Uh, no.)

23. How old was your mom when you were born?

25. (Close–24)

*For the record, if Baby Girl would answer questions with anything other than “doggy,” “ball,” or “cookie,” I’d have tried this with her. Maybe in a couple years. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 


22 thoughts on “23 Questions With Little Man

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I love the sarcasm answer, especially when when he gives the answer to what’s different between ya’ll.

    Also, spending time with your husband makes it sound like you have another man in the house…just sayin’… ๐Ÿ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The answer to #22 made me LOL. We got a $100 gift card about 15 months ago that we still haven’t managed to use, because … every trip, everything goes wrong. So wrong we’re not tripping over our feet to use that welcome $100!

    I’d like to try this with D. I’ll see if I can remember tomorrow. I did love how he colored in a Dia de los Muertos skeleton and said he’d “drawn it like Daddy.” I drew a cap on it to make it really like Daddy, and then added a single pin because of space constraints. D promptly drew on a second pin. “Mommy, he always wears TWO pins!” D chided me. And, indeed, he does.

    Love the cuddles answer. So simple, so true.

    Liked by 1 person

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