Weekend Coffee Share: A Hot Date


If we were having coffee today, you’d probably asked me why the hell I haven’t invited you over for coffee lately. I’d tell you that things have been pretty busy around here with Little Man’s soccer games, fall festivities, and the such. You’d be a little miffed and say, “excuses, excuses,” but then the five pounds of Halloween candy would catch your eye and you’d get over it.

I’d tell you that my mother-in-law kept the kids for a couple hours last night. She suggested that Sam and I go out to eat “or something.” Bow-chicka-wow-wow!

So we did go out to eat. I ordered a salad with only cheese and croutons as toppings and a club sandwich with double turkey, no ham, no cheese, no tomato, no lettuce, no bacon, no onion while Sam looked embarrassed and ordered a Philly cheesesteak with no changes or substitutions.

Picky eaters be like:

After dinner, we did “or something.” As any two parents with kids (one of whom is up in the middle of the night at times and the other sleeps with us half the time), we had certain things to catch up. So we went home.


I organized the drawers in my kitchen while Sam did some dishes. I have neglected one particular set of drawers for quite a while, so I was very happy to get them cleaned out and organized.

At this point you’d probably ask for a glass of sweet tea so you could cool off from that hot date night story. And I’d oblige, since my husband made a pitcher this morning.

You’d probably ask me how my Fantasy Football team has been doing because you care, and I’d tell you that not only did I beat my husband in our match-up, that I’m also at the top of my division. Not bad for a girl who’s barely paid attention to the NFL before! We’d give each other high fives and tease Sam when he comes into the kitchen. He’d whine about his players being injured and be all “woe is me” and we’d continue teasing him until he got mad and stormed off.

That’s all I’d have to tell you for today, so we’d gorge ourselves on Halloween candy to save the children’s teeth.

Anything interesting going on in your life? Hopefully you have something better than “hot date cleaning drawers.” 😉 

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Diana at Part-Time Monster.


36 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: A Hot Date

  1. lolabipola says:

    Attempting to study for an exam on Monday? Sound better than drawer cleaning date night? Hahahahaha! Didn’t think so. Cleaning drawers sounds positively thrilling in comparison!

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  2. one year, my brother and mom had a nfl pickoff. they each picked every game of every week. my brother picked logically, looking at records and match ups. my mom strictly went the teams she liked. for instance, she hated the Cowboys so she always picked against them. at the end of the year, my mom’s winning percentage was nearly 10 percent higher that my brother’s.

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  3. We had a fun game of Cards Against Humanity last night. A few adult beverages were consumed, too. Bang woke somewhere through the night as he’s prone to do lately for no reason. We were out of bed at 6:30 this morning. No wonder we don’t drink very often.

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  4. One of the few perks of being a divorced parent is that if your kiddo has another parent who is active in their life, you end up with a lot of time for date nights. Glad you guys at least got to go out….and I feel you on the picky thing, as I’m a rather fussy eater as well. 🙂

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  5. I was giggling through this hot date story. So glad you guys got some time for yourselves. I’m still going to be drinking my extremely hot, triple shot espresso over here through it all because I’m in dire need of waking up.

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  6. One of those things I hate to do — take the stuff out of kitchen drawers, vacuum and wipe them out. 😦 Crumbs in your fork tray? Sugar in your cloth napkins? I has it. Damn kids. lol
    Glad you had a nice picky dinner and some ‘or somethin.’
    We were all devoted to our laptops yesterday but today we had precious family over all day. Had a nice Sunday dinner grub, long chats, much swate tay. 😀

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  7. Dale says:

    Oh the joys of having young children in the house… so much better when you get up in the morning and your teenager says: Yo Dad, you and Mom last night… wiggling eyebrows… sigh..

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  8. I became reacquainted with reading this weekend – yep, I had a hot date with an actual BOOK! It took me leaving my computer power cord at work for that to happen. Oh, and some shoe shopping online, which turned up nil. I actually liked being unplugged for a day. Think I might make a weekly habit of it. After November is over, of course. 😉

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  9. Your weekend was the best! What a great blog post! My weekend wasn’t bad at all. We went for a long walk, had breakfast at a cafe, raked some leaves, saw Spectre, went out to dinner, and last but not least, on Sunday we watched our Indianapolis Colts perform a miracle and defeat the Broncos! We were supposed to finish out Sunday night by going to watch our (adult) older son play hockey, but the Colts game was too good to abandon. See what you have to look forward to once your baby birds have left the nest?!

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