Things Kids Say Thursday: Bothering Emotions

We arrived at Little Man’s soccer game early last night, so we sat in the car for a bit since it was drizzling and listened to music. At one point I got out my phone and opened up a game, which prompted LM to ask:

“Doesn’t playing with that bother your emotions?”

Considering we had talked about my taking medication to help with my mood the day before, I was confused.

“Why would playing a game bother my emotions?” I asked. Unless I’m losing, I’m good.

“Well, you’re in the car. It bothers my emotions when I play a game in the car,” he answered.

After thinking for a moment, I realized he meant “motion sick,” as he gets car sick whenever he tries to read or play a game for more than a few minutes in the car. I corrected him and we all had a good laugh over it.

Please join me in Things Kids Say Thursday by sharing something cute or funny that your kid/kid you know has said. πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “Things Kids Say Thursday: Bothering Emotions

  1. When NSLM was a wee bebeh and learning to talk he had those Gerber cookies that dissolve all over the place, you know that mess. Well he started to call them “cookers” (coo-curs) which was a combination of cookie and cracker. No idea why because he never ate crackers!!

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  2. My sister &I like to hide & scare people (family,,,), Our washer & dryer were in the basement. My sis was down there doing wash. My 3 yrs old Nikki snuck down quietly, jumped out & scared my sis. Then she yelled “haha I scared the SHIT OUTTA YOU!” OMG me & Betsy were ROLLING, tears, laughing like crazy. Betsy repeated her -scared the shit,,,- Nikki (thinking she was in trouble??) said “I said chihuahua!”
    **When I was very little (3?) I had many series of x rays. (Upper GI, bruised bones, etc). One time my Mom was talking to a friend/acquaintance about something (??) & I piped up proudly ‘I was x rated!’.
    My Daddy used to say “you got a screw loose!” when us kids were being goofy. One time all of us were going somewhere, my brother & me were in the back seat, being silly, we were all laughing,,, Mom lines back at us & I was twisting my hands/fist over top my head,,, ‘what’re you doing haha??’ not knowing the meaning, I announced “SCREWING MYSELF” they laughed sooo sooo hard! I think I was like 5 yrs old! πŸ™‚

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