What’s Wrong With You?

I made it back to the pharmacy last night to pick up my prescriptions and had the kids in tow. Sam was feeling sick and threw up (even though he made a rather suspicious recovery when I brought the tacos in), so I took the kids to pick up drugs and supper, since my stove hates me.

“Mommy, why are we picking up medicine for you? Is something wrong? I thought Daddy was the sick one,” Little Man asked.

I had just pulled up next to the window to get my meds, but quickly told him that I was fine.

After giving the pharmacy tech my name, she said she had three prescriptions for me and asked if that was right.

“Yep,” I answered, since I was picking up the Prazosin, the increased Lamictal, and Ambien.

“Holy crap!” Little Man shouted out. “That’s a lot of medicine! What’s wrong with you?”

I ignored him and handed over my ID and debit card.

“Mom,” LM said sharply after I was given my medicine and pulled away from the window, “is there something you aren’t telling me? There’s something bad wrong with you, isn’t there? We’re always getting medicine for you.”

I sighed. It’s hard to know what to say exactly. I’m not telling him the diagnoses, of course, but figuring out what’s age appropriate that also won’t lead to ten million questions that further put me on the spot is easier said than done.

“I’m fine. People just need medicine sometimes,” I told him.

“Well, what’s yours for?” he asked. “You don’t look sick.”

“Not all illnesses are obvious,” I answered. “You don’t have to be sick in the way you’re thinking–fever, throwing up, sore throat–to need medicine. You know how you have trouble at night [with wetting the bed] and how your doctor said there’s a medicine that could help with that–it’s like that.”

“Then what’s wrong with you that I can’t see?”

“Different things.”

“Tell me one.”

I was quiet for a moment, thinking of what to say.

“Come on, I’ve told you my secrets that I wouldn’t tell anyone else. You won’t tell me at least one thing?” he prodded.

“Well. You know how I have a hard time with sleep and how I get moody sometimes?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he answered.

“Two of the medicines are to help with sleep and one is to help with my mood.” Okay, that wasn’t such a difficult explanation after all.

“Well, that’s good,” LM said. “I hope they help.”

“Me, too.”

At least I wasn’t picking up birth control. 😉


18 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With You?

  1. I think you did well. My 7y/o grandson knows I take (4) meds. He & my daughter live with me & always have. He’s with me (my Sidekick, my Buddy) while she works 2nd shift. I explained to him some time ago that my brain gets sick. I did this because I have major problems with frequent over stimulation (lights/sounds) & I let him know sometimes my brain doesn’t feel good. He understands & is cool with that.

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  2. its amazing if you can put it out there is a simple answer the kids accept it as its the truth….he just isn’t old enough to understand all the bullshit you have to go through behind the simple explanation…well done and he is at ease once again….medicine generally means your sick, sick….so he was worried….that’s nice…but glad you put him at ease…..hope your sleeping better….kat

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  3. I think you did a great job! You explained the meds…described one as helping with mood. Eventually he will discover what mood disorders are even if they aren’t a classroom topic because he sounds like a curious and intelligent boy. You did a great job.

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