Things Kids Say Thursday: I Forgot

Little Man said something really funny yesterday. I was wiping down the counters in the kitchen when he said it and thought, “This will be great for the Things Kids Say Thursday post!”

But I didn’t write it down. And now I can’t remember what he said to save my life.

Blame Mommy brain. Blame the Lamictal. Blame a shittier post-30 brain. Whatever.

So it’s back to scrolling through old posts on Facebook to find something funny or cute the kid said.

From 2012:

Daddy, will you get your shovel, go outside and dig a message in the ground that says, “Santa, don’t forget about Eli”?

LM: We don’t call anyone stupid. Except for bad guys and giants.
(We talk for a few minutes…)
LM: Uncle D’s girlfriend said she doesn’t like boys. (Shakes his head.) I think she’s a giant.

On what bees do: “They polish the flowers and turn them into honey.”

And Baby Girl is back again, talking about boobs some more.

Baby Girl (points to boob): Dat ball.
Me: No, it’s a boob.
Baby Girl (shakes her head): Dat BIG ball.

She wins.

Please join me in Things Kids Say Thursday by sharing something cute or funny that your kid/kid you know has said. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Things Kids Say Thursday: I Forgot

  1. aw, sounds like last night at 1:30 when I decided my last post would be soooo much better if i stuck these perfectly formed two sentences behind this sentence. commit this to memory. no, i mean it; commit this to memory! got it! good!

    waking up four hours later, can i remember the two sentences? no. can i remember the sentence they where to go after? no. I reread my post, trying to jog my memory. there was no joy in mudville, mighty casey struck out. sigh.

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