Sweet, Sweet Fantasy, Baby


“Not happening.”

“Keep dreaming.”

“NO. Stop asking.”

These are words that have been spoken to my husband over the past few weeks.

There’s something I’ve got that he wants, and apparently it’s not getting through his thick skull that it ain’t gonna happen for him. 

He’s been lusting after some players I have on my Fantasy Football team. Sam thinks that with enough persistence, he’ll get his way. Nine years of marriage have taught him nothing. 

At first he was after some of my top guys (Gurley, Peterson, Fitzgerald, Green, and now Jeffery if you’re a football person), but being the cunning person I am (or bitch), I swooped in and picked up a player he wanted. I’ve got quick fingers and all. Now, between using that player and talking up another on my bench, I’ve been able to wrangle a couple of better players away from him. 


We have our matchup next week. Time to see if wifey got skills.


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