Please Don’t Break A Lamp

While I was drying off Little Man after his bath tonight, he told me that he had a great idea for a new book. “I’ll call it How To Get Mad and teach everyone the different ways they can get mad. I’m going to work on it immediately.”

I let him know he had about 15 minutes after getting his pajamas on and brushing his teeth, and when I called him to come get in bed, he presented me with the following. (Consider this a Things Kids Say Thursday bonus–I couldn’t wait a week.)

How To Get Mad, by Little Man. (And, no, he hasn’t been upset today that I’m aware of.) 

  1. Stomp your feet.
  2. Make a mean face at your mom or dad.
  3. Punch a punching bag.
  4. Hold your breath and count to ten.
  5. Push your little sister down.
  6. Throw and kick things.
  7. Break something.
  8. Be disrespectful.
  9. Rip paper.
  10. Yell.
  11. Go to your room.
  12. Head-butt your dad.
  13. Break the batterys in your TV remote.
  14. Break the tip of a pencil.
  15. If you are in the shower or bath, splash water everywhere.
  16. Lie.
  17. Tear your cloths.
  18. Break a lamp.
  19. Run away for a while, and then come back.
  20. Tell your father I’m mad!

Numbers 13, 14, and 18 are my favorites. I’m pretty sure that breaking the tip of a pencil would really get your point across about being mad.

And, for the record, I did remind LM that certain things on his list aren’t appropriate ways to express anger. “I know Mom–it’s just realistic fiction!”


21 thoughts on “Please Don’t Break A Lamp

  1. What a great guy!!!! I love this list. Tell him when he gets a bigger, he can add stuff to his list like – punch your brother/sister, punch the wall and make a super big hole in it that costs like $500 to repair, punch the garage door, throw multiple game controllers and destroy them, slam the door so hard the whole house shakes, break something that belongs to your brother/sister… many things can be added. I like the pencil tip breaking one, except that makes me madder and then I got to go do something else, like rip paper.


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