Things Kids Say Thursday: A Weapons Drive and Boobs

On the way to Little Man’s appointment yesterday, we were discussing the service learning project he has to complete this semester for school. We went through some ideas, and one thing Little Man said he wants to do is help the South Carolina flood victims.

“You know, we saw that video where they said not to swim in the flood water because of waste and wild animals. So what I want to do is have a weapons drive.”

“A what?” I asked.

“A weapons drive. We’ll ask people to bring us swords, axes, guns, and bows and arrows so they can kill the wild animals around.”


“I like that, but maybe we could figure out a way to help the flood victims without taking up weapons,” I suggested.

Little Man thought for a bit. “How about we take up toilets for poor people?”


“You know how poor people have to pee and poop in holes they dig in the ground. So we’ll ask people to donate toilets so they don’t have to dig holes. Or maybe we could ask people to donate wood and screws for the poor.”

“Wood and screws?”

“Yeah. So they can build houses. Well, probably not houses, but they could build themselves a shack to stay under for when the weather is bad.”

Shacks For The Poor–a cheaper alternative to Habitat For Humanity.

As we discussed other options, I mentioned raising money to donate to one of the cancer societies to help with research and whatnot.

“I could just find the cure for cancer,” Little Man said. “And then I’d call 911 and tell them to contact a cancer society for me so I can give them the cure–FOR FREE.”

“How about we make a list of all the things you can think of to help the community when we get home, and then we’ll go over what we can realistically do in the next 3 to 4 weeks. You keep those ideas going,” I told him.

This is going to be really interesting!

Now, making her first ever appearance in the short-lived “Things Kids Say Thursday” thing, Baby Girl said something funny last night.

We were taking a bath together after she destroyed a banana and ran it through her face and hair. (I had to take a bath after the bath.)

She turned around and looked me over, pointed at my boob, and said, “Dat ball.”

Coming from the infant who refused to ever breastfeed, it might as well be!

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16 thoughts on “Things Kids Say Thursday: A Weapons Drive and Boobs

  1. Dat ball! lol
    Moo refused bottles and when she was three, she was playing baby dolls and stuck a bottle in her mouth. I snatched that up and said, “NO WAY MISSY! Never took a bottle for me, not gonna start now!”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like the “Shack for Poor People”. At least he is thinking of others and trying to come up with ideas, seems like most people these days are thinking just of themselves. LM is one brilliant guy!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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