How Much Longer?

We are off on an overnight trip to the Great Wolf Lodge. We hoped to leave around noon. Baby Girl went down for her typical 1.5 hour nap at 10:00. She woke up 15 minutes ago at 1:45. Go figure!

Little Man “packed his bag.” His bag didn’t have his clothes, pajamas, Pull-up, or toothbrush. It did have his tablet, babies (stuffed dog and bear), camera, plus all of this extra stuff we took out:  

The extra junk includes:

  • Star Wars Episodes I, IV, and what I think was Episode VI. 
  • A harmonica.
  • Nerf gun and bullets. 
  • Transformers.
  • Extra stuffed animals.
  • A shark that squeaks. 
  • A Toy Story gun that is noisy.
  • Blocks. 
  • Radio in shape of iPhone.
  • Extra set of headphones “just in case.”

“When are you going to gave time for all of this?” I asked.

“We could have extra time,” he said.

“But we will be swimming. We can’t watch a Star Wars trilogy. And a harmonica?!”

“That’s for the drive.”

Thank God I checked his bag. Now for 637 rounds of “How much longer?” in our 60 minute ride. πŸ˜‰


32 thoughts on “How Much Longer?

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I am looking at taking a trip this summer and I am sure my packing list will read like:

    green nail polish
    blue nail polish
    lego astronaut
    lego alien
    hair brush and other stuff like that

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  2. Good thing you took out the nerf gun, for the ride. Getting hit with nerf darts while driving probably isn’t the safest thing in the world. Hope you have fun, it sounds a lot better than the last indoor water park I went to, Mediocre Coyote Lodge.

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  3. A coupla years ago we had a bad winter storm that wiped out a lot of power and I mentioned, casually, that if our power went out, we’d go to Mamaw’s or V’s or Beauty Queen’s or just wherever still had heat, so not to worry. Moo packed a prep bag which contained only long socks and toys. O_o

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