Things Kids Say Thursday: The Written Word

Little Man was helping me get a few groceries last Friday at Walmart. We don’t usually buy our groceries on Fridays, but I wanted to prepare for not leaving the house over the weekend with all of the flash flood warnings in place thanks to Hurricane Joaquin.

One item on the list (yes, I am making an effort to write out lists now) took Little Man by surprise, and he said, “Really Mom?” in an excited voice.

“Really what?” I responded while looking for a small sack of corn meal (which wasn’t on the list).

“We’re getting a butler? I didn’t realize our family was that rich!”

I gave him a look. “Uh, no.”

“But you’ve got ‘butler’ on the list.”

“No, it says ‘butter.'”

Little Man was silent for a few moments. “Well, I think we’re getting a butler because that’s what this list says.”

I took the list. “Look,” I said and pointed to ‘butter.’ “I meant to cross both Ts. I might look like an L, but it’s not supposed to be.”

Little Man sighed. “Okay, then. But I wish we were getting a butler.”

Me, too, Little Man. Me, too.

Saturday morning, while I slept in, Little Man made up a Christmas list for the entire family. When I looked at it, I saw that he had listed a “Lord of the Rings ring (A Fake one)” for me.

Dear Santa,

These things are what I want for Christmas: a remote control helicopter, a Decepticon combiner, a new transformer video (Xbox 360), and a G-1 transformer. This is what my dad wants: A panther hat. Yeah, I know, it’s not much, but hey, at least it costs less money. Well anyway, here’s what my mom wants: shoes, headphones, gamecocks necklace, and a Lord of the rings ring (a fake one). And here’s what my little sister wants: a play tent, a pretend kitchen, a baby doll, and a new ball. And that’s what my hole family wants.

Sam told me that he and Little Man had discussed the ring after he wrote it down.

“I want her to get the real Ring, Daddy, but I think it’d be asking too much of Santa Claus to have his elves build a time machine, travel back to when that ring was made, steal it, and come back. So I’m putting a fake Ring down.”

Makes sense to me. And then I’d be the one having to travel to Mount Doom to destroy it.

Please join me in Things Kids Say Thursday by sharing something cute or funny that your kid/kid you know has said. You can add your post to the link up below to share with anyone interested in reading some cute kiddo stories. Old posts are welcome, too. 🙂


18 thoughts on “Things Kids Say Thursday: The Written Word

  1. It’s probably best that ring will be a fake, that thing’s nothing but trouble.

    Oh, and your shopping list is faulty. You forgot pizzas, ice cream, chocolate… no, wait, that’s my shopping list :-). I never thought of putting “butler” on it, mind,

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