Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Assholes

Dear Parents,

If you are raising your kid to be an asshole*, please stop. (Edit:) By “raising,” I mean being one to your kid so that he learns the ways. Your reprehensible behavior impacts far more than just your child. 

You see, my kid is a pretty decent kid. He’s kind to others, doesn’t try to hurt anyone’s feelings, and tries his best to get along with all other kids, even the ones raised to be little assholes*. (As recent as this afternoon, he was trying to figure out how to be a friend to one child, despite the bullshit he’s put up with.)

I don’t appreciate your kid calling mine every awful name he can think of, just because his older brother does the same to him and you laugh when your child gets upset. I don’t appreciate your kid threatening to hurt mine, just because threats are all he knows. And I definitely don’t appreciate your kid putting his hands or feet on my kid in a way that hurts him, just because you think that the answer for your kid mouthing off or hitting his little sister is getting smacked in the head himself. (We both know when it’s not horse playing that was taken a little too far, so let’s not pretend otherwise, okay?)

When you’re told that your kid is being a little asshole*, how about you tell your kid to fucking stop? Better yet, how about telling your kid what he did was wrong and explaining why it was wrong? (Yelling might stop a behavior temporarily because the child is scared, but it doesn’t do much in the way of teaching.)

And, please, don’t feed me the “all kids do things that are wrong” line. That’s very true, and when I see or hear of my kid doing something he shouldn’t have been doing, I’ll make sure to correct him. But when my kid isn’t doing a fucking thing to yours, while yours is being nasty, don’t make that your go-to response, as if it makes things okay. If you’re having to rely on that line a few times per week, it’s a good sign that your kid isn’t just having the odd bad day, okay?

One last thing–while you’re in the process of teaching your kid not to be an asshole*, could you work on not being one yourself? Most kids get it from somewhere, in case you didn’t get that from the rest of the message.


Mom Of The Kid Your Child Was An Asshole* To

*You may think that I’m being hypocritical in asking you to have your kid cut out the incessant name calling, but a) it’s an anonymous blog; b) I’m pretty annoyed and “bully” just doesn’t cut it for this post; c) I’d never say it to you or your kid. 

**If this post offends you, maybe it’s time to roll back the asshole* level in your family, hmm?

***Part of this post reflects the past few days and some parts are from what I’ve witnessed over the years.


36 thoughts on “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Assholes

      • Marielli_ says:

        Ugh I know the feeling my brother was bullied in middle school and went over there and got into it with the kids parent cuz the kid tripped my brother down the stairs it stopped after that cuz I didn’t let it keep going on its horrible that they don’t stop there kids there jerks! Hope he’s okay!

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  1. Oh I hate this for LM! My NSLM can be a bully and you’ll be damn straight that he knew that shit wasn’t gonna fly. Even though I tell my kids now people are assholes, it doesn’t mean YOU have to be one. Both my babies have kind hearts-when they aren’t being their own assholey selves-and become very upset when they are teased, bullied, and so on. And I’ll call I parent out on their kid being an asshole-IN PUBLIC! πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€ THE HORROR!

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  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    Most kids that are “assholes” are exactly that way because they learned it in their home.

    It is a pretty sad commentary actually and explains a lot about the other kid’s behavior and the parents response.

    We do what we have to do to protect our children. At the end of the day we can only raise our children “right” and teach them how to protect themselves emotionally and physically in a world full of “assholes.”

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    • I hesitated to hit publish with “asshole,” but that’s exactly how it comes off.

      It’s sad what some kids go through and are taught is acceptable. At the first family gathering at my husbands house, I saw one of the young cousins called names by the parent for playing with a baby doll and teased to tears. The tears garnered laughter, of course. It was awful. And today that kid (high school now) is a straight up dick to others.

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  3. <sarcasm>really?? you mean i’m suppose to hit my kids?? you mean i’m not suppose to be mean to my kids?? i’m not suppose to call them names?? you mean i’m not suppose to tell them they are worthless??</sarcasm> you are such a killjoy.

    <sarcasm>btw, your blog has become so sedate since you got things “straightened out” with your dad. where’s the excitement? where’s the drama (big one)? where’s the intrigue?</sarcasm> (-:

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  4. Bullying is an awful thing kids are subjected to – the first step towards self-doubt. And so many times I see parents doing nothing! They expect it will wear off with age and “growing up” which is a joke. LM is a strong wise guy. Hope things get better

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  5. Sorry for Little Man!

    And, frankly, sorry for the asshole* kid, whose parents either don’t want or aren’t able to use better strategies for raising their child to be a kind and caring human.

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  6. Please pass this on to LM – a quote from my youngest when punks (many of them upper middle class girls in Middle School) would randomly insult him – You may think you are big and powerful because you go around insulting people, but you will amount to nothing, you will die alone and cold in a box under a bridge). Or (this is one of my favorites) I am sorry your family life is horrible, and your parents don’t care about you – but taking it out on me and the kids at school will change nothing.

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