Weekend Coffee Share: The Rain, Head Bumps, and Anxiety

It’s time for sharing caffeinated beverages again. Your choices today are Seattle’s Best K-Cups, Swiss Miss hot chocolate, or Coke Zero. For food, we have a couple of Little Debbie cakes left over from the Blogiversary and there’s a box of Halloween cake mix sitting on my counter if you’re in a baking mood (and have two extra eggs).

So, if we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m sick to death of this monsoon weather we’re having in SC. Over the past two weeks, I think we’ve gotten a break from rain maybe once or twice. We’ve been cooped up in the house over the weekend, since flood warnings are in place until tomorrow. I know some streets in my area are flooded over thanks to Facebook, so no point in taking risks.

If Accuweather is right, it looks like the weather will get nice around Tuesday and stay that way for a few days. Mid to upper 70s and sunshine. Hooray!

giphy (16)

This will be great for LM’s soccer, too, since in the past month, they’ve only had two practices and one game (two canceled due to rain). Now maybe I will be able to decorate for Halloween. I have never liked decorating for the holidays much, but Little Man loves it, so I’m going to try to do a good job with that for the holidays coming up.

While we were trying to avoid leaving the house, Sam and I thought we might have to go to the urgent care last night. Baby Girl was wearing her rain boots in the house (they make a lot of noise, which she loves), and she tripped and fell forward and smacked her head on the edge of the coffee table. Fortunately, I had put foam covers on the coffee table two days before (which she pulled off and I replaced), so she didn’t hit the wood. But, it was still a hard hit and she was crying her little heart out.

I looked online for symptoms of concussion in toddlers and we kept a close eye on her. After monitoring her for a couple hours and determining that she was probably fine, the girl stumbled in the kitchen and smacked the back of her head. She cried for a while, but still seemed fine, thankfully, outside of being more loving than normal by giving extra hugs and kisses. (And she seems fine today, too.)

So, tell me about your weekend. And if you have any Halloween costume suggestions, I’d appreciate it. I prefer mildly offensive ones.


34 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: The Rain, Head Bumps, and Anxiety

  1. Anxiety over something beneficial (even if it is time) to scale back seems like a normal reaction. Use the techniques to deal with the attack, but the reaction makes sense to me. Hope you all stay safe and dry.

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  2. Well I have to say my kids had hard heads and had bumps to prove it..what a great idea to pad the coffee table…we just moved ours out and put pillows all along the brick hearth to the fireplace….kids are amazingly resilient…glad she is okay…..we will take what ever rain, standing water, storms, you want to send to the west coast…doesn’t seem fair anymore that the east coast gets all the rain!!! My son was a hotdog for Halloween on year and we have a large tortious shell he was a turtle another year…I never like the costumes you buy in a bag…..I made his costumes….he was sheik one year and his older sister was one of the dancers with a veil….make him a spider costume with a bunch of legs sticking out…..you can use the floaters for the pool and cover them, they are light weight..or he could be a soccer player….lol. anyway whatever you come up with it will be fun…how about a book?? Cardboard, paint and a place for his face on the spine of the book….he could be part of the title…Okay I will stop……kat

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    • We may just move our coffee table out too. We have the couch in front of the fireplace. I wish we could send some rain y’all’s way!

      Haha those are some good ideas! LM wantS to be a saber tooth tiger. We shall see.

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  3. Marielli_ says:

    Thank god she’s okay omg my daughter hit her head once on my cousins table and I freaked out and put ointment and butter to help the swelling she touched her head then stuck her fingers in her mouth guess she smelled the butter lol. Hope you lil ones okay 🙏🏼😁❤️ and do u want a costume for the baby and lm? Or u?

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  4. She’s so cute! Glad to hear that she didn’t actually injure herself. Little Jedi was always falling down or hitting himself on something—come to think of it, he still does.

    Sorry to hear you’re feeling anxious—I can sympathize there. I haven’t wanted to get out of the house lately, but being cooped up makes me feel more depressed, too. It’s a circular effect. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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  5. Being stuck inside can’t help your anxiety level especially when you are dealing with an injured toddler! How do kids always manage to find the hardest thing in the room to smack their heads on? Glad she is ok. Hope you have some sunshine soon.

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  6. Oh the horrors of concussions. I had a super duper one a few years ago. My head hurt for like FIVE days! Gah! Bubba and Moo have had a lot of med-checks for banged heads, but I outdid them both by ramming my head into the door of my van. I dunno. I’m an idiot. But, at least when it was me I didn’t freak out and ask myself 25 times a minute, “Are you okay? Can you see? Are you feeling sleepy?”

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  7. Since a few days have passed since you wrote this, I’m going to hope that Little Girl’s headbumps are all better and that you have indeed had a chance to dry out a bit!

    I have no costume suggested, I’m afraid. I was always terrible at Halloween! I think the last trick-or-treating I went where I wore anything more complicated than a “look! I’m a princess-like person!” dress, was 5th grade. For reasons lost to the ether, I asked my mom to help make me into a — why?? NO IDEA — thermometer.

    It was a hard costume to walk in.

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