It Only Took A Year

Almost a year ago, I made one of my first posts on this blog about one of the difficulties of baby-rearing — cutting fingernails.

Between being scared that I’d slice off the three-month-old Baby Girl’s finger with her moving all over when awake and keeping her fists tightly clenched when asleep, it was just no good.

And guess what? In the year that followed, despite getting fingernail clippers that had a magnifying glass on them, it continued to be no good.

A couple months ago, I had to hold Baby Girl down yet again while she was kicking and screaming to trim her little talons. This is the most fuss she makes over anything, including shots.

A couple weeks ago, I held her upside down while playing a game that made her giggle and was able to trim three fingernails. This was not easy, but the main ones she used to claw me with were gone. Progress!

And then today, it happened–I sat BG in my lap and trimmed every single fingernail on that 15-month-old’s tiny hand. Without her screaming.


I fucking did it. Even though my fingers that held hers steady while trimming her nails had to be washed because they felt very grimy afterwards, I’m now winning parenthood a little. And nope, I’m not giving away my secret, because if I had to go through baby fingernail hell for a year, you can, too.

I feel like I deserve a medal. Or at least a bunch of drinks held up in a toast in my honor. And then poured down my throat. (Just no Fireball.)

giphy (13)

Now you know my major accomplishment for the week–what’s yours?


47 thoughts on “It Only Took A Year

  1. Wow! I hated trimming baby nails. Oh horrible stuff. You have my admiration! Mine never cried about it, but it stressed me out so badly!
    I submitted my scary story for 13 Stories Til Halloween 😀

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  2. congrats on working through that! you deserve some serious kudos.

    i did not see you entry a year ago, or i would have passed on this bit of motherly advice. not from me but from a good friend. she found the safest and least reactive way to do her babies’ nail was to bite them.

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  3. I honestly can’t remember the rest of the week right now. What felt like a major success today was figuring out that the reason Littler J howled non-stop for 30 minutes was that he wanted soup. Not hugs, kisses, water, to be set down, to be picked up, juice, olives, sweet potatoes, meatballs, bacon or bananas. My soup. My husband said, “Hey, some chefs would be jealous that someone just threw a 30-minute fit in want of their food!” But … when that someone is 18 months old, it’s a little less impressive. :p

    (I clipped J’s nails a couple weeks back. He didn’t hate it as much as D always did!)

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