Just Call Me Poupee Pants

Like any kid, Little Man likes to play pranks sometimes. There was the one time he got me good by telling me he hit my car with his go-kart, but usually his pranks involve “hiding” behind something while snickering very loudly and jumping out to “scare” me.

He stepped things up a bit yesterday by changing the name Siri calls me on my phone. He had been trying to figure this out for a while, as he harasses Siri endlessly and gets annoyed that she calls him by my name. I wouldn’t tell him how to change the name, but after he figured it out, it took very little time to decide to prank me by having Siri call me something quite different.

“Say something to Siri, Mom,” he said while giggling.

“You say something.”

So he did.

I suppose Siri is too classy for “Poopy” and Frenched things up a bit.

Little Man nearly rolled in the floor laughing over this. “She’s gonna call you this from now on!” he said while snort giggling.

Not bad, Little Man, not bad at all.


18 thoughts on “Just Call Me Poupee Pants

  1. LOL! When you first told me this I recalled an incident with Siri and iPhone on Big Bang theory where Raj started dating Siri lol.
    But the fact LM is incredibly intelligent and a jokester are two divine anomalies that could cause painful yet hilarious outcomes for all time 😄❤️

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