A Distraction

Little Man had a substitute teacher in his class today.

“How’d your day go?” Sam asked.

“Good. Except we got our recess taken. And I got moved to a desk in the back for the entire day. Isn’t that awful?!”

“Why?” I asked.

“All I did was distract the entire class and she moved me. Can you believe that?”

“Well, were you distracting the entire class?”

“Yeah. But Mrs. R never punishes me when I distract people. And making me switch seats? That’s too much.”

“Do you know what ‘distracting’ means?” I asked, since he was making it sound like not a big deal.

“Hey, what’s that behind you?” LM asked. I looked behind me. When I turned around, he had bolted from his seat.

“Get back here!”

He sat back down. “I know what ‘distraction’ means.”

“Okay…how were you distracting others?”

LM told us about how he distracted the class by making silly noises over and over and over. This is a new thing with him, one that’s been driving Sam and me crazy. The siren noise is particularly grating to the nerves. He stops if you tell him to, but it usually isn’t long before it starts up again and gets hit with a “You’re killing me, Smalls.”

“But I can’t help making those noises. You know, everybody’s different. That’s one way that I’m different.”

Sam narrowed his eyes at LM. “Help it.”

“Different or not, you still can’t go distracting the entire class,” I told him.

After we talked a bit more and he left, Sam cracked up. “And so the next generation of giving the sub shit begins,” he said proudly.

I rolled my eyes. I’ve heard his sub stories before, which included being blamed for throwing a textbook at a teacher and for hiding another student. He didn’t do either (and the student had moved the year before), but the subs were within their rights to blame him.

Hopefully LM gets to keep his desk tomorrow.

What’s something you did to get in trouble in school? 


27 thoughts on “A Distraction

  1. Um, I was an angel. Right up to junior year when I skipped choir and hung out at lunch for all three periods instead. Just, you know, all week. lol You know why? Because we had a sub and we were assigned to watch videos. For a fucking week.
    I got Saturday school. The dean told me he could suspend me, but I countered that engaging with my peers for an hour was far more educational and he didn’t disagree. He said stuff about role model and leadership.
    I didn’t even deny it. I couldn’t even apologize. It was worth it.

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  2. Told the teacher she was teaching the class wrong. She didn’t find that humorous at all and I talked all the time, they moved me, I slammed and stomped and made plenty of noise (distractions) LOL.

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  3. That’s funny because my 8th grader had a sub in choir and had a similar but different story. He was upset because she was clueless and didn’t know what she was doing. He went on to explain how he has to take charge and basically run the class. Yeah, like that happened 😳😜

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  4. In dance class, I punched my pregnant dance teacher in her belly because she wouldn’t let me take ballet with my older sister in the “big kids” class. Luckily I was 4, so she was unharmed. But unimpressed for sure lol.

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  5. rachel says:

    your kid is so clever! i think he would be great buddies with my boys. i went to a very strict private christian school, so I was always in trouble. one of the worst was when I got caught passing a sex questionnaire during english class in 6th grade. apparently a blowjob was not an acceptable topic for discussion amongst us 12 year old girls. my poor mother.

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  6. Me, breathing, I was severely bullied starting in first grade (until I quit in 9th) so I didn’t want any unnecessary attention. At home I was depressed/suicidal (at 6 y/o was Rxd given antidepressants → suicide attempt) but also overly bouncy, goofy & other signs of childhood bipolar manifest. Now my 7 year old gson Jayden,,, he gets ‘red lights’ often for yapping/”chattiness” in class, etc,,, (he’s no the only one, though,,,)

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