It’s A Dress!

My husband and I had a date afternoon yesterday, which we spent returning the asshole laptop to Best Buy (since it wouldn’t update and crashed) and going to Kohl’s to get a few things with some coupons I had. (I got $220 worth of stuff for $44!) The romance is alive! πŸ˜‰

While we were looking at stuff in the women’s section, my husband decided to try to help me find something. He thinks he has good taste, and maybe he does, but his taste and my taste differ quite a bit.

“Hey, look at this–it’s a dress,” Sam said, pointing to what was indeed a dress.

“Oh, it’s a dress,” I said dryly.

“Yeah…it’s a dress…?” he asked questioningly while holding it out to me, wanting to know whether I wanted it.

I sighed. “It’s a dress!” He knows how I feel about dresses.

“But it’s a nice dress.”

“It’s still a dress.”

If there had been people nearby, I’m sure that little exchange would have gotten an odd look or two. Afterwards, I was amused with that conversation since we both said the same thing repeatedly, but our emphasis and inflection changed each time, making what we said mean something different.

I did not get that dress, in case you didn’t figure that out. I did get a Star Wars shirt with the Millennium Falcon on it, though. Sexy stuff, there.


34 thoughts on “It’s A Dress!

  1. Haha!
    My husband took Sissy to shop for me one X-mas. I got a white polyester button-up blouse with silver and black HORIZONTAL stripes, because apparently my breasts need to create the psychedelic illusion of reaching out to grab people, and also khakis. I wore the khakis, but the shirt, no way. I don’t know what that was about.
    My FIL bought a pile of clothes for my MIL about 10 years ago. It was incredibly obvious that he likes silk and extremely feminine patterns (large florals, paisleys, animal print) and it was incredibly obvious that she was shocked. I still chuckle when I think about it. She is totally into granny Garanimals.

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  2. you might be surprised at the reaction if you wore a dress for your man….just a thought…my daughter was with her husband working on there new home, he had bought her a leather tool belt…I stopped by to say hello, words were said between the two all about how much easier it would be if she put on her tool belt he bought her and she was just shaking her head….he went into the garage to deal with something, I pointed out to her maybe it wasn’t so much about making her life easier, maybe he wanted her to wear it because he wanted to see her in it….I said men find different things attractive on their mates…I saw the light bulb go off above her head…I said I am going to go now and you put on your little leather tool belt full of shiny new tools he bought for you and climb up on the ladder….she said enough mom I got the point….she called me the next day and said I was spot on….it wasn’t so much about making work easy….but the opposite….LOL sometimes we have to do things for them, just because… the dress sister, enjoy the night….LOL

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