Weekend Coffee Share: Cookout, Complaints, And The Kids

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It’s coffee share time, and I’m not insanely late for a change!

So, if we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I should really be cleaning my house instead of talking to you. We’re having a cookout tonight (also known as a BBQ to some of you folks) and are inviting my husband’s parents and his cousin and her family. We’re having good old fashioned hot dogs and hamburgers.

I’d tell you that my husband has been teasing me mercilessly about my hot dogs. He went grocery shopping this morning while I slept in (yes, he’s a finalist for the Best Hubby Ever). I eat Oscar Meyer bun length hot dogs made of chicken and pork (and pink sludge, I’m sure) and will eat nothing else, so he had to go to two grocery stores to get my hot dogs, as Aldi doesn’t carry much in the way of name brands. Two. And I’m pretty sure he walked uphill both ways to that second grocery store. So now he actually wins the title of Best Hubby Ever.

You’d probably notice that I keep looking at my laptop, waiting for it to finish upgrading to Windows 10. Then you’d say “Waaaait, I thought you had a Chromebook, where’d that go?” And I’d tell you that my Chrombook broke this week. I found it on the floor with the corner cracked open and the thingy the power cord plugs into hanging out. And, nope, it wasn’t plugged in, so there goes the theory of someone tripping over the cord to break it. We have no idea what happened, but the power thingy wires were ripped right out. Boo. So we went to Best Buy last night and found a Lenovo laptop that was open box for a not-too-terrible price.

And while I’m talking about my Chromebook breaking, I’d also complain about the air conditioner breaking this week and having to fix that. And then I’d complain about losing my wallet. You might suspect that I was trying to tell the bank “hey, a thief made charges for an air conditioner repair for my house and a new computer, so cancel them” but then I’d tell you that I found my wallet, thankfully! That’s all the complaining I’d do, because who wants to listen to a bunch of complaining? 😀

While we’re talking, I’d start telling you all about my kids. Because you don’t hear enough about them. I’d tell you how Baby Girl is doing the most adorable thing in the world. Whenever you ask her what sound a dog makes, she says, “woo, woo, woo!” instead of making an actual bark. And this is the sound all other animals make, as well. I tried teaching her “moo” for a cow, but she said “mmm…woo, woo, woo!” And she’s walking all over the place now. She falls a lot because her head is gigantic (really, most of her weight is in her 99th-percentile head and not her 38th-percentile body), but that doesn’t deter her a bit!

There’s not much new on the Little Man front, but I would tell you what an awesome big brother he is. Baby Girl was tired and cranky last night on the way home, so he danced to Gangnam Style for 20 minutes to stop her crying. Well, he danced as well as one can in a car seat, anyway. She thought it was hilarious and only cried in the few second break before the song would repeat.

That’s about it. Now that I’ve gone on about myself, tell me how your week went. 🙂



27 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Cookout, Complaints, And The Kids

  1. I wish I was at the cookout- we would be smoking brisket for yall 😋😎we would make sure to include alcoholic beverages while we patiently waited on it to finish smoking- which takes all day- so we would be wasted in time for dinner LOL

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  2. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Ok, I will be there for leftovers in a few hours 😀

    My computer took forever to update to Windows 10,and I am all “this is it?” but I didn’t loathe 8 either.

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    • Hehe! I couldn’t get the update to work at all. It crashed and then got stuck in a loop of reversing changes for hours. I finally restored it, tried to update again, and nothing, so it’s going back!


  3. Hope you have a fun BBQ and enjoy your special hot dogs! I chuckled over what you said about your little one and her head size. My son was the same way. He didn’t walk till 15months because his head was holding him back!! He worked his way through it though and now is a very coordinated 20year old!

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