The Return Of The Stopwatch

Last week I started to write a post about a stopwatch of Little Man’s going off at 1AM. I tweeted my angst and considered writing a (sort of) funny post about it and the other annoying things kids do, but then I thought “nah.”

Fast forward to yesterday. I was at the park with Little Man and he commented that something in his pocket banged against the slide. I told him to take out whatever he had in his pocket. He pulled out this: I said a lot of curse words in my head. Of course Little Man would find this. Despite not playing outside as much as normal last week. Despite me throwing it in the backyard when he’s supposed to play in the front yard. And of course it would still be working, despite being outside in the rain. I took a picture to send to my husband and made a mental note to dispose of the thing when I got home.

Well, my mental note was forgotten.

I discovered this when I woke up around 1:30 last night to a beeping sound. I was dreaming something and there was an annoying beeping. I woke up to the annoying beeping happening for real. I couldn’t find the stopwatch at first and had to turn on my cell phone flashlight. Sam absolutely loved raising out of the bed to see his wild-haired, pissed off looking wife shining a light in his direction.

Little Man planted the stopwatch in here as a joke because I told him about last week, I thought as I looked, getting more irritated. Well, no, it turned out that my son isn’t that devious. He had left his shorts in our bedroom and merely hadn’t taken the stopwatch out when he got home. And he had kicked his shorts under our bed when getting ready to take his shower. I’m pretty sure he didn’t do it on purpose.

I turned the stopwatch off but couldn’t figure out (again) how to turn it off for good, so I wrapped it in a shirt and stuck it in a drawer. I’m thinking that taping the thing to a brick and tossing it in the neighbor’s pond should do the trick this time.


24 thoughts on “The Return Of The Stopwatch

    • My Timex used to do that. When I was in high school, me and 5 other kids with alarms synchronized our clocks and set them to go off within 5 seconds of each other. We thought we were bad ass, hehe.


  1. Toilets are very useful in disposing of such things. The boys had digital watches which their grandmother gave them and they would alarm at different times during the day (thankfully not at night), but I thought I was going crazy hearing this incessant little beepings. I buried them out in the garage amongst plastic Tupperware containers with old school work in it. I think they might still be there.

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