One Week Until College Football!

Football season is just around the corner. One week from today, I will be watching the South Carolina Gamecocks play the North Carolina Tarheels on TV. Probably not on my own TV, since we cut the cable back in December, but on someone’s TV for sure! Or maybe I’ll talk Sam into buying tickets, since the game is in Charlotte.

This is the first time in two years that I have been excited about football. My husband and I used to live and breathe football season. All major Gamecocks athletics, really. We’d buy season tickets for football and go down hours before the games to hang out all day and tailgate (and drink). Sometimes we’d tailgate with friends, sometimes it’d be just the two of us, sometimes we took Little Man with us. We always had a great time.* The intensity of the gameday atmosphere, how electric it was, was so amazing.


(The first picture is the last game we went to; second picture shows LM waving his Cocky Cloth; last picture shows my brother at our tailgate…we parked somewhere different and were promised “plenty of tailgate space.” Hmm.)

And then I started taking meds for depression and completely lost interest. I went from being a rabid fan with season tickets and my own USC website to telling my husband that I didn’t really care anymore and wouldn’t be going, so he dropped the tickets. I don’t think I watched one game from start to finish over the past couple of years.

So long Zoloft and Wellbutrin (as of early April, I believe) and now that I realized this morning that September 3 is just a week away, I am pumped up. I couldn’t telling you much about who’s starting, unlike a few years ago, but I’m still excited! It’s amazing the changes I’ve seen over the past few months as far as what I’m interested in/passionate about goes now that I’m done with those particular two meds.

Check out a video of USC’s entrance below. It’s the most exciting college football entrance I’ve seen, and I’ve seen quite a few. Skip to the 1:20 mark, and you’ll hear the crowd doing the very loud “Gamecocks” cheer, followed by the theme music to 2001: Space Odyssey being played. Then comes the smoke and players running out of the tunnel. Exciting stuff, if you’re into college football!

Are you a rabid fan of any sports team?

*Except for that one time this bitch that was pouring drinks put a shit ton of whiskey in my hubby’s drink so her husband wouldn’t have too much, causing my hubby to get sick all over everything, and we never made it to the stadium. I was pissed.


40 thoughts on “One Week Until College Football!

  1. I’m not a rabid fan, exactly, but I’ll be a Duck until the day I die. The only sport I track is college football, and that for the Ducks.

    One of my favorite memories walking through the most rural of rural South Korea, feeling totally alone … and seeing an Oregon Ducks football poster. I perked up like you wouldn’t believe, and like I couldn’t begin to describe. How’d that little poster come to be in a tiny alleyway in rural South Korea? I don’t know, but since then it’s reminded me how good it is to be a Duck–to be connected to my university home a couple miles away from my childhood home–in all the years since. 🙂

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  2. first, whatsa gamecock?
    second, if you live in south carolina, how come you are rooting for the university of southern california. :^) that’s were the rich kids go, so sometime it gets called the university of spoiled children.

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  3. I love watching soccer. I like Chelsea in the BPL and The Sounders FC (even though they suck this year) in MLS. I used to love NFL football, but that fell off in recent years. Paying a little more attention again now though, so maybe that is coming back. The only college football I really ever cared about was Notre Dame (Don’t ask me why, not Catholic, not from there, thought Rudy was only so-so, though I did meet the real guy once.) and UNR. And no, it’s not UNofR no matter how much they try to market it that way.

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  4. Interesting you should say this because I’ve been wondering if my meds have been doing the same since recovering from the worst of depression. Are any of those meds you were on mood stabilisers?

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    • The meds I was on were two anti-depressants–Zoloft and Wellbutrin. The meds I’m on now are both mood stabilizers–Lamictal and Carbamezapine. The depressive episode that’s lifting now didn’t last as long and wasn’t as severe as they’ve been in the past.

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  5. Good for you for getting off the anti-depressants. I too quit mine. Just didn’t feel like they were doing anything for me but giving me headaches and brain zaps. I am a huge Denver Broncos fan and luckily for my husband so was he when we met. And now we are breeding them lol. I am just going to stock your blog a bit and catch up on you. ;0)

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