Weekend Coffee Share: School, Toddling, and Adult Time

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Hello, friends! It’s time to catch up again, so grab your favorite beverage and we’ll let the sharing commence. Once again, I have sweets to offer, but this time it is a strawberry shortcake instead of fudge. Yummmm…even though I’m someone who doesn’t care much for white cake or strawberries, I freaking love strawberry shortcake.

So, if we were having coffee I’d tell you that Little Man has one week left until school starts. He’s sad about having to go back, but excited about getting to learn new things at the same time. I’ll be sad to lose him for 7.5 hours a day, but glad he is excited. It’s been a nice summer for him. We didn’t do much in July and August, as our vacation plans were in June, but I think he’s had a good summer. He’s played outside a ton, spent lots of time in the pool, taken trips to the library, spent a lot of time playing video games, and has played with his sister a lot.

I’d also tell you that I’m having a guest blogger next week–Matty Malin will be contributing a post. If you aren’t following his blog, Confessions, yet, I highly recommend it. (Obviously, because who would let someone post to their site that they didn’t highly recommend? Haha.) He blogs about his life and struggles with depression and anxiety. Check out his blog here. He just celebrated his 100th blog post, so there is lots of good stuff to choose from.

While we are having our beverages, you might notice Baby Girl toddling about. She isn’t fully walking yet–still crawls most of the time–but she is getting braver at taking steps. She took 20 steps (yep, we counted) yesterday! She’s coming right along–we’re getting her to try more table food and are cutting back on bottles. Some websites I’ve seen say babies should be off the bottle at 12 months, but since she started eating solids about 5 months late, I think she has a little extra time. Anyway, she’s down to two bottles (one at nap and at bedtime), so we’re making progress.

Next Saturday we are having some friends over to grill out, swim, and enjoy some adult beverages. Well, our two best friends and my brother and his soon-to-be fiance. I’m looking forward to that, and since it’s only a few people, hopefully I won’t do my normal “freak out and consider canceling” routine a couple days prior.

That’s all for now–I hope you enjoy your weekend!

What’s going on with you? If you did a Coffee Share post, feel free to link in the comments so I’ll be sure to see it.ย 


30 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: School, Toddling, and Adult Time

  1. Never pass on a chance for grilled dinner and grownup beverages! I’ve been up to some adjustment – trying to rest three concurrent injuries (back, knee and Achilles). All I wish I could do is go out and play!

    Love when the kids start to toddle about. Even when you have to move everything up beyond their reach around the house!

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  2. I would like a cocktail, not coffee.
    I’m still recovering from the demands of school starting. Like the horror of 5:30am and the constant bombardment of information.
    Another cocktail, please, thanks.

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  3. My little girl is a Junior in High School this year and starts back in two weeks. Where does the time go? Your children are precious! Drink in those memories and savor them. I so much prefer small gatherings of less than 10 to having twenty, thirty people over. With the bigger gatherings, you spend more time working and running and checking on things and people instead of really relaxing, enjoying and connecting.
    #WeekendCoffeeShare @ Life & Faith in Caneyhead

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  4. I always love your coffee shares. Allows me to catch up with what’s been going on behind the scenes.

    Stores are crazy busy here with parents buying stuff for back to school. Always get a bit nostalgic because of this.

    It’s raining here this weekend. We will shop for food in a few and stay inside reading this weekend. And munching.

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  5. Thanks for the early plug! Good to see things are well! Im still shattered at the thought of starting school again. Sure, it’s my last year of college but I don’t want to do manual work! Oh well, what goes on goes on.

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  6. Sweet baby girl! Little Jedi was on the bottle until he was about 15 months—he was a preemie and started eating solids a little later, too. Sometimes kids get there in their own time.

    Glad to hear you’re doing well, and will be looking forward to reading the guest post!

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  7. I will have a little Irish for me in my coffee….maybe whip cream too…LOL can’t believe it already one week into August….where did the summer go?? We are heading north to Carter Lake and onto Idaho and Montana, Washington and back home down 101….looking forward to our journey…fighting all the families out for one last hooray for the summer…lol…school and kids….been a long time for me….can’t say I miss it, my I can say I miss my kids being little….don’t blink to many times, they will be all grown up and someone will be calling you grandma….LOL

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  8. E. says:

    Growing children — that’s always fun to see! I also do the “freak out and consider canceling” with just about every social event I go to, hah! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  9. I just tonight took my grandson to get his backpack for school (he’s 5 and calls it a pack back). He starts kindergarten in about five weeks but if we don’t grab his supplies now, everything will be gone when he does start. I can’t believe he’s in kindergarten already! He picked out an R2D2 backpack…because it has lights and sound. He wanted minions but they don’t have lights and sounds so it was R2D2 instead!

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  10. Sounds like your little girl is exactly where she needs to be. She’ll discover the delights of solid food soon enough and stop with the bottle thing. R2D2 back pack sounds amazingly cool, I wonder if I can get one over here?
    Have a great week and thanks for the coffee

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