Weekend Coffee Share: Soreness, A Really Lost Tooth, and New Pets

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Grab your beverages, caffeinated or not, coffeenated or not, and gather ’round. My husband has made some peanut butter chocolate fudge, which you are welcome to have. I won’t be partaking, as I don’t really like peanut butter in my food, mostly just on sandwiches. He pretended not to know, but I think he did this on purpose and is feigning ignorance. More for him. That just means I’ll have to bake a coconut cake or pie, maybe both, for myself. He doesn’t like coconut, so more for me. Ha.

While you’re enjoying your beverage and fudge, you’ll notice that I’m enjoying my beverage and ibuprofen. In case you weren’t already aware, I’m a bit of a walking disaster. I’m clumsy as hell. And thanks to weekend’s activities, I’m rather sore today.

We have a swimming pool and went for a swim yesterday. Fun times. Until I happened.

The first thing that happened is my shoulder dislocated for a moment. This happens once in a while–I used to be able to dislocate them both as a kid and would freak people out. With no pain. That hasn’t been the case for the past decade. Now they tend to slip out when I’m doing something like reaching for something on a shelf or reaching out to grab something or just in my sleep. And it hurts.

Yesterday I reached out to grab a towel from the hubby and slippage happened. Ouch. Today, it’s oh hell, I need meds! since I’m a whiny baby.

But, like one of those cheesy game show hosts would say, that’s not all! When I went to take Baby Girl in to dry her off, as she had enough of the pool, I fell down hard while carrying her. I walked into our bathroom, which has those godawful stone tiles that everyone else seems to like. We were dripping, as we beelined in there to remove our bathing suits, and I slipped.

If you’ve ever fallen while holding a baby, you know how horrifying that is. It’s fucking awful. I fell forward but was able to twist around so that only my knee and shoulder (yep, that shoulder) hit, protecting BG. She cried for a few seconds, likely because I yelled, but she was perfectly fine thankfully.

I hurt my knee (which is fine today, just bruised and tender) and I imagine that fall is contributing somewhat to my shoulder hurting like a little bitch today. Hooray for ibuprofen, the medicinal nectar of the gods.

I let Sam know that we are getting rid of the stone tile. When you get a little water on it, it becomes slippery as hell, not something you want in a bathroom, and falling on it is rougher than falling on regular old linoleum floor. Trust me, I’ve got loads of experience there. I don’t care if it’s a home upgrade, I hate that shit, and I certainly don’t need anything making me more of a fall hazard.


I saw the ad for this medical alert thing last night. Perfect timing.

Now, on to less painful and scary parts of our weekend, Little Man lost a tooth yesterday. Which I lost. Shame on me–he wrapped it up in a napkin and I wasn’t thinking and threw it away. This is the second time this has happened, so I’m thinking maybe we go with a plastic baggie next time.

He got a few bucks off the Tooth Fairy last night and combined it with his other savings and we went out to wonderful old Wal-Mart to spend the money today. He had saved for long enough, according to him. LM didn’t find any cool toys for $12 or less, but he wandered over to the aquarium section and asked about getting a snail and a fish.

“Could you help me out with the tax if I don’t have enough?” he asked sweetly, which made a couple of women standing next to us melt.

I did the math, and the price of a small tank, snail, fish, gravel, food, and one decorative item was $14, not counting taxes, so we let him get it. Now to come up with a list of chores so he can work off the balance. 😉

LM was so happy about getting two new pets. “Do you think Bilbo (his dog) will get upset that I have two new pets? He might think I don’t want him anymore,” he asked me.

“Were you upset when we got your sister?”

“No,” LM answered.

“He’ll understand…there’s nothing wrong with expanding your family.”

He has named the fish Bob and the snail Qui. (Qui is for “quiet” since he says snails are quiet. Yay us, no midnight parties in the aquarium.)

So, how was your weekend? Hopefully there was no falling down involved! 


34 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Soreness, A Really Lost Tooth, and New Pets

    • I spoke too soon. I just tripped over a chair at the fast food restaurant and landed thankfully against another one and yes I do know what it is like to fall with a child in my arms.

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        • Well, we wrapped up our weekend with another mishap. After getting into the pool this evening, I went in to shower, leaving the others out there. LM came running in screaming a couple minutes after I came in that his daddy and BG had fallen over a chair and had gotten hurt bad. I ran out there–they were okay, but my husband had sat down on a fabric chair and his butt fell through the bottom. 😮

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  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Yikes, sorry about all the falling and slippage!

    My weekend has been the epitome of laziness. The midnight blue hair color just looks black, so that was a waste of 8 bucks and 35 minutes. Other than that, trying not to think about work tomorrow.

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  2. You pulled some superhero twist for BG. Mom’s are the best. Hope you feel better soon. That just sounds so very painful.

    LM is literally going to kill all the ladies. I’m over here half tempted to squish in a hug. I love how he was concerned about Bilbo’s feelings. That’s so sweet and considerate of him. Stay sweet, LM. We need more people like you in the world.

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  3. Glad the fall was just that, a fall and no trip to the hospital…sorry you had a painful weekend…but happy he got new pets….we lost to many teeth so my daughter got a tooth fairy box,,silver with a little fairy on it…LOl much easier to leave money…as it sits on the side table and not under the pillow…I spent the day in Saratoga Ca, over by San Jose with my daughter in law after we dropped off my daughter for a survivors seminar with a group of authors she’s part of…6 hours wandering through antique stores, thirft shops found a great Ross and had a yummy lunch…today we cleaned house and did all the floors, vacuum, mopped, dusted, all the fun stuff…..now I can’t quit yawning….LOL

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  4. I’m so clumsy, too, I feel your pain! We have a tooth fairy pillow that has a little pocket and my mom embroidered it “in this pocket you will find a teensy tiny tooth of mine. So while I sleep where dreams are made, let’s see if we can make a trade!” She made a dick ton of them two winters ago (like 40)…if you want you can email me your address and I’ll mail you one for each kid! Hamarquess@gmail.com

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  5. I damn near killed myself on our awful kitchen tile while trying to cook dinner in a dripping wet swimsuit. That stuff is a menace. It ought to be abolished.
    We also have a nice fish – named Dr. Seuss. It’s a very nice distraction when my daughter starts begging for a dog or a bird.

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  6. I know I talked to you but the way you described your day on here is just awesome and hilarious and you are so eloquent the way you journal your day!!! I wish I could focus and be so descriptive like you are! PS hope you’re feeling better today and that no more injuries have occurred- I’m mentally preparing myself for W’s 4 year checkup shots and all 😱😱😱 lol I will probably freak out more than her- even though I worked for surgeons and sat in on some surgeries and procedures when it comes to myself my kids and my family I just can’t take watching that shit even a shot lol

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  7. Falling with a baby is traumatic. Mama’s injury is inevitable.
    I do not like my kitchen’s stone floors. I’ll admit they’re gorgeous, but they are too hard, hard on my back and knees (and I have a good back and good knees!) They are slicker than snot when they’re wet. They are colder than necessary (and you know I like cold!) Plus, anything that falls shatters immediately. I want linoleum. Not new vinyl crap, actual linoleum.
    Can I come over for coconut pie?!? 😀

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  8. Oh lord, so glad you and BG are okay. Might want to get to PT to strengthen those rotator cuff muscles (shameless plug). Also, love that he named the snail “Qui” – too clever!

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